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David Meade’s September 23rd vindication

David Meade
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I recently received this letter from a viewer and reader:

I am aware of the things people are saying. I watched most every one of your scientific / historical discussions on Planet X at YouTube and I know you never stated September 23, 2017 as a date for rapture. I also know you made great attempts to state clearly that you were not setting a date, but a possible start timeline for end-time events.

Having said that, please consider this: You are right. I will explain how I know you are being led of the Spirit and that you are right.

I am sending below links to short YouTube videos. It’s important that you see the first one. It shows how that in the Spring Festivals of 2017 the Orthodox Judaic Rabbis in Jerusalem disputed to no avail the calendar and the “Feast of First Fruits” and the day of it. Basically, the requirements for the holiday were not met to the Rabbis’ satisfaction; therefore, it should have been moved forward to the next month to meet requirements of Scriptures. This being true, then the fall feasts are off by one month; in short, the calendar for these festivals are one month behind. So, 9/23/2017 Feast of Trumpets should be considered the dates of 10/19/2017 – 10/23/2017. The Feast of Trumpets date this year is one month off due to an error.

This means the Sign was seen and was proper, but the Feast and the anticipated events of this Feast, along with the other fall feasts, are advanced one month and should be in the October calendar this year. Therefore, your October commentary is applicable and advanced to November of 2017.

These things vindicate your position, as there was no way you could have known ahead of time that the calendar was off one month.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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