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One Canadian’s apology to Mexico

David "Doomsday Dave" Hines
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First of all, let me apologize on behalf of the Canadians, as our government failed to assist those who are in need of help in the US, Mexico and the Caribbean.

The US went into these countries and assisted US citizens to return home, as did Great Britain and France. Our government did not and would not help evacuate their own people from the Caribbean; they were left stranded.

We had a massive flood in Windsor, Ontario and our Premier, which is equivalent to your Congressmen, did not even visit the area nor send help. It makes me very angry and as Canadians we would be more than willing to help those in need and I wonder what our government would do if we had a major catastrophe here. Probably very little. So please don’t judge us the people but judge those idiots in power.

We hope the recovery goes swiftly and we pray for those families who lost loved one in these horrific events.

Now more hurricanes are on the way. When will it end? I found this article and thought it might interest you.

There is a TV series called Salvation which is very similar to the scenario of Planet X, except it is an asteroid heading toward Earth. I am not sure how many of you out there are watching but the way the US government is portrayed is how I imagine it to be in present time: secretive and eliminating those who have discovered the truth and are going public with the evidence. It seems funny that this is being aired now and I wonder if the truth is staring us right in our faces but we don’t see it.

I’m taking a trip soon and flying back on the day that David Meade has made his prediction (September 23) and if he is correct I hope I make it back in one piece.

This article talks about our sun getting angry and by that I mean lots of solar flares. I don’t care what the debunkers say, there are definitely major changes taking place not only on our planet but in outer space. Preparing for a major catastrophe is not a stupid endeavour, so if you are prepared then you are smart.

This is from the dahboo7 YouTube channel. Very interesting video that requires explanation. This guy is a good researcher and you might want to follow him on Twitter, too.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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