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Crop circles and Planet X / Nibiru

David Meade
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These amazing crop circles appeared right before the eclipse. From a Biblical standpoint, these crop circles are clearly extra-Biblical ‘revelations’ and we need spiritual discernment to decipher and evaluate the paranormal.

The designs and layouts of various crop circles could be from “fallen angels” or the realm of demonology. However, the knowledge possessed by these entities is at a very high, superhuman level. They know what’s about to happen.

Keep in mind that the second sun system (Nibiru) will appear as a ‘red’ anomaly coming from or in the backdrop of the 13th Zodiac sign of the Serpent Bearer, Ophiuchus.

As a result of this object–Wormwood–1/3 of the Earth’s oceans & rivers will turn bitter. The oceans facing the sun make up 1/3 of the Earth’s ocean surface. They are primarily the:

  1. Pacific oceans
  2. Atlantic oceans
  3. Indian ocean

This is where Wormwood will strike. We need to balance all revelation against this standard.

Right now, the level of paranormal UFO ‘alien’ activity is becoming more overt and blatant, including crop circles, which contain many different levels of information and messages.

When I analyzed the pictures of the crop circle–especially the fifth picture–I knew exactly what I was looking at. I believe it represents a totally prophetic verse from the Book of Revelation, specifically Revelation 1:16.

Revelation 1:16 states: “He had in His hand seven stars, out of His mouth went a sharp two-edged sword, and His countenance was like the sun shining in it’s strength.”

If you look at these crop circle pictures, you will see three basic things. You will see seven circular objects, symbols or text and rays that emanate outward. These are the same components of the Bible verse.

I believe the seven circular objects are the seven stars spoken of in verse 16. What are their names? It’s the Nemesis Dark Star–Planet X system–with Nibiru and the other satellites, totaling seven in all.

The last aspect of the crop circle picture is the rays extending from the convergence of the celestial objects and extending similar to rays of the sun toward our planet. I believe these rays represent the Son of Righteousness.

This particular crop circle design is a preview of soon-coming events in the heavens above us. It is a heads-up for those of us who are watching.

For the full story on the real timing of the Nibiru system, read my book: Planet X – The 2017 Arrival.

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