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October 2017 and the ‘End of Days’

David Meade
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In life, you only get a few definitive moments. October of 2017 is one of them.

The September 23rd sign is pointing right toward October. Let’s review some material from my book, Planet X – The 2017 Arrival:

  • During the last week of October of 2017, at the very end of the week, Russia and China, along with North Korea, will engage in a surprise dawn attack against the US and Great Britain. This will be a nuclear exchange. This is the start of World War III and the Great Tribulation. I have a close friend who saw this event in a vision. I know the date. The fuses are now set. Everything is in place.
  • When this attack occurs, the Rapture (disappearance) of the Church will occur. Over one billion people will disappear.
  • Among those who disappear will be President Trump and Vice President Pence.
  • A ‘special election’ will be held to replace them.
  • Obama will be one of the candidates in this special election.
  • Obama will win the election. That should tell you something right there.
  • Within five months, RFID chipping will occur of the population.

Let me be very blunt: the Great Tribulation has begun. Planet X will appear in the skies. Devastation will be incomprehensible.

There is almost no time left. We have had the Sign of Jonah on August 21st–the Great American Eclipse. You need knowledge to prepare. You need to buy my book yesterday. You need to be ready for all of these events. My book contains the big picture; it is a total geopolitical and spiritual introduction to what is happening. It covers everything. Everything.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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