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Is Planet X responsible for Hurricane Harvey?

David "Doomsday Dave" Hines
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The heat from the sun set records in 2016 but the scientists say that 2017 will bring cooler temperatures. I don’t think they are correct.

While sitting on my back deck writing my articles for Planet X News, I find myself looking for shade in just 10 minutes.

As the sun passes over my house, I find that in a very short time my legs begin to burn and I have to take cover. It does concern me because that if this is a trend then we need to pay attention to it. There is no major reporting on the activity of the sun–only to let us know that we are having heat waves.

So why is the sun behaving in this manner? Some report that the sun has not been this hot in over a thousand years, so what is really going on? If the temperatures keep rising, it will limit the amount of time we spend outdoors and that is troubling. I think I am going to monitor this a little closer and search for a true explanation, if at all possible. This article claims that there will be extreme weather changes.

Our attention has been diverted to Donald Trump on a daily basis but I can’t believe that a man such as him would behave in such an irrational manner. I wonder if this is deliberately staged to keep our focus on him and not other things.

It is hard to ignore the extreme weather patterns such as Hurricane Harvey, the storm that pounded Texas. Getting three or more feet of rain is certainly not normal, so what are we to think?

There have been many comments posted on our site denouncing the existence of Planet X and I hope they are correct but there is something going on.

Texas has never seen such devastation. Something had to cause such a massive storm and I feel for those families, especially those who lost loved ones.

Like it or not, the weather is changing and I suspect we will see more storms such as this, along with bigger earthquakes and more volcanic activity around the world.

There is certainly nothing wrong in preparing for an apocalyptic event and those who scorn people who are prepared are foolish, in my mind. I have no problem with those people who do not believe in Planet X and you are entitled to your opinion. But my question is, why do you visit sites that claim Planet X is real? If I do not believe in something, the last thing I want to do is visit a site that does. So I wonder why these people constantly try to debunk Planet X.

Scientists at the University of Arizona confirm Planet X is orbiting our sun. In this video it is explained the difference between Planet 9 and Planet X.

Former Navy Intelligence official shares all in this video; lots of good info in this one.

Crop circle conformation of Planet X in this video.

Many think that those who write articles or books do it for the money–and in some cases that may well be true–but they have to live also. I myself don’t make a dime writing to you. I do it because I believe and want to help. My intent is not to have people panic. I just want to give you the opportunity to prepare.

Some have written about articles published that have caused people to think of suicide. Well, if those people are contemplating suicide, that is not our intent and I think they should seek help.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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