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North Korean threat: Is it just about Guam?

David Martin
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While the media is focusing on Kim Jong-un’s ornery threats against Guam, we shouldn’t rule out that this could just be a stratagem to throw us off. How do we know he really isn’t planning something else? Could it be that the deranged North Korean leader is using his childish taunts to trigger U.S. retaliation so that he can use this as justification for what he has been planning all along—a nuclear strike against the US mainland?

North Korea is something for the world to keep an eye on right now. Like Cuba and Syria, North Korea is a satellite of Russia and a potential powder keg. It is of no small significance that Trump’s warning to Kim Jong-un to “behave” in the wake of his military flaunts last April prompted Russia to send troops and military equipment to the North Korean border. Among this battery of equipment were nuclear warheads.

Unfortunately, these deadly implements have fallen into the hands of one insane creature. It is no secret that Kim Jong-un is a highly unstable and mentally sick person who more than once has committed murder in his own family. Has the world underestimated his military strength from Russia and his touch-and-go volatility? What is this maniac hiding from the world?

Consider this prophetic vision given to the late seer Veronica of the Cross, on July 25, 1979:

“I see a very large ball forming. It looks like a globe of the world; but strangely, it has a, like a wick on the top. And now coming out of the sky, I see a very comical-looking figure. I think he’s comical; then again he’s kind of frightening. His face is extremely fat, and his teeth are huge. But he looks like an Oriental of some kind. He’s smiling in a very strange way. I notice he has—he’s short and has like a stubby type of body. But he’s grinning in a very evil-looking way. As he stands with his hands behind him, he’s looking about now and it looks as though he’s waiting for something. Oh, my goodness!

“Now he’s bringing out from behind his back what appears to be a long tapered candle. And he’s reaching up now. The candle has a light on it; it looks like he’s about to touch the wick on the bomb. It looks like a bomb, but it looks like the world with a wick sticking out of it. Oh, my goodness! He’s a very—I don’t know who he is; I don’t recognize him. But he’s an Oriental and has very large teeth; and the grin, even, the way he’s grinning makes his teeth very—kind of prominent. But he has—I must say he gives you a feeling of fright because his smile is very evil. Now I can’t see him. It’s as though a veil is being placed over the scene.” (For more on Veronica, visit

To comment briefly, Veronica in 1979 sees a globe with a wick on the top, signifying a nuclear bomb that could ignite the world. She describes an evil Oriental with a fat face and sinister grin who has a short, stubby body and who is pulling out from behind his back a tapered candle wherewith he touches the wick of this bomb. She describes him as “an Oriental of some kind,” indicating he is not a mainline Oriental like Chinese or Japanese, but something a little different—like a Korean. His gesture of pulling out the tapered candle from behind his back signifies he has been hiding something from the world.

As we now know, Kim Jong-un has nuclear weapons and it appears he has recourse to an inexhaustible supply of Russian-made nukes that he can draw from in carrying out his frenzied designs. On May 30, 1978, the seer Veronica was given this prophecy:

“Sin is insanity, and one insane mind shall plunge you into a bloodbath and the destruction by fire.” (Our Lady, May 30, 1978)

Let us pray for Russia’s conversion to the Faith through the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart, that world peace might finally ensue.

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