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World War 3 starts in North Korea

David Meade
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President Donald Trump says that North Korea “had best not make any more threats to the United States” or “they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” Trump issued the warning during a briefing Tuesday at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Latest reports indicate that North Korea has produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead, making North Korea a full-fledged nuclear power.

North Korea threatened to teach the United States a “severe lesson” as the United Nations approved new sanctions–the North Korean leader has threatened to wipe out Guam. Guam Island is a U.S. territory. The US in response is sending nuclear-armed aircraft to Guam.

The Washington Post first reported that the nation had such capability, based on a Defense Intelligence Agency assessment.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said in a recent interview that the President told him outright that there will be war with North Korea in this video.

It is also reported that the Pentagon believes North Korea may be about to launch a ballistic missile from a submarine after one of its underwater vessels was detected in international waters behaving suspiciously. North Korea would only have to move its submarine fleet to within 600 miles of the US coast to launch an attack. This is an ominous development–it represents stealth ability. Any city in America is liable.

18 missile tests have been conducted since February. In its July 4th test of a missile capable of striking parts of Alaska, North Korea has achieved proof of concept. The launch of the two-stage Hwasong-14 missile was the latest in a series of tests that have revealed rapid advances that appear to meet North Korea’s claim of a 2017 ICBM that is nuclear-capable. Air France 777 was right in the missile’s path and it shows the recklessness of the North Korean regime.

As well, North Korea has two satellites that pass over the continental US daily and we are unsure what type of weaponry they contain. North Korea has the fourth largest armed forces in the world and nearly 100,000 artillery emplacements ready to destroy much of South Korea. 35 miles from the DMZ is Seoul, with 10 million people in the city and another 15 million in the suburbs.

In my book, Planet X – The 2017 Arrival, I detail the prophetic dates of this future war and its consequences on the U.S. and Britain.

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