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The Deep State

David Meade
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According to ex-CIA agent Kevin Shipp, this Deep State shadow government now employs 1,271 organizations and 1,931 private companies with 10,000 intelligence-gathering locations across the US, operating outside of US law and Congress itself is not even fully aware of its size and complexity.

I am, however, and detail how it operates and who is behind it in my book, The Coup D’état Against President Donald J. Trump.

Vladimir Putin just recently exposed the reality of the men with dark suits.

In a recent interview (May 30, 2017) with Italian media outlet Le Figaro, Putin spoke about “those in dark suits” who tell every US presidential administration exactly what to do:

“You know, I’ve communicated with one US president, and with the second, and with the third … presidents come and go but the politics remains the same. Do you know why that is? Because the bureaucracy has a lot of power. So a person is elected, he comes with his ideas. Then people with briefcases come to visit him – well dressed, in dark suits, kind of like mine. Except instead of a red tie it’s black or navy. And then they explain what to do, and the whole rhetoric changes, you see? This happens from one administration to the next.”

Who are these people? They are the unelected bureaucracy–the true ruling class. Since Donald Trump is opposed to them, they are attempting a soft coup against him by destroying his credibility and ability to govern. They would like to see him impeached within the year.

The actual identities are revealed in my book; these men are the international bankers and agencies such as the NRO represented by the mission patch “We Own the Night.”

These people rule the New World Order agenda. They are pushing for a global dictatorship; they want a total surveillance society and a World Bank with a digital currency and an RFID-chipped population they can completely control.

Check out the video below. Vladimir Putin knows:

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