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The Trump-Russia Dossier

David Meade
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Just last week President Trump implied that he believes that former FBI Director Comey attempted to use a dossier that was non-factual in basis and imaginary in scope (about his “ties to Russia”) to keep his job as director.

This dossier, which emerged early this year, contains numerous allegations that Trump was involved in a series of sordid activities in Moscow that left him open to blackmail. Trump has stated that Comey pulled him aside after a certain meeting and informed him of the dossier. Obviously Trump interpreted this as a threat, or leverage. This is really bush-level, as you’re about to see.

Of course, Trump finally fired Comey in May. He mentioned that the Russia investigation was part of his state of mind when he actually decided to let him go; in other words, inept handling.

Trump has frequently called the dossier “phony.”

This “Russian dossier” is a total and complete fabrication. From the standpoint of an intelligence officer, it makes no sense at all–none whatsoever. When you’ve spent five years, or 20 years, in one specialty, you obviously develop a set of instincts about what is real and what is not. This applies if you are a pilot or a college instructor or an intelligence officer.

First of all, those within the intel community don’t even use the word “dossier.” Dossier was used to convince the gullible. We just call information “files.” That’s all it is.

Then you look at the heading and it says, CONFIDENTIAL/SENSITIVE SOURCE. This heading doesn’t even exist!

Then it talks about Trump consorting with prostitutes in Moscow. These accusations have no details, no names and absolutely no source. They just didn’t happen. As President Putin of Russia says, this man judges international beauty contests–he doesn’t need to associate with this class of people.

The who, what, when, why and where are important in any news story or intelligence briefing. They just don’t exist here. The dossier uses the passive voice, which  is never used in real intel briefings. It hides the fact there is no substantive information.

You’ll see fancy words like “deniability” and “plausible deniability” in the dossier. Real intelligence work doesn’t use these terms. It’s the wrong style. Much of the information in the dossier is patently false. Trump associates have no connection to the imagined events.

Just one falsehood calls into question the integrity of a report and this dossier has dozens upon dozens. The dossier writer was a desktop spy at MI6 who now owns a private security firm. Can a foreign government change the results of America’s election based on unsupported rumors?

The dossier also contains poor grammar and spelling–not the image of what you would expect. The PDF file of the 30-page typewritten report is contained here for reference. It’s a bad spy novel. Some American politicians were so taken by the report they actually sent aides over to London to obtain copies, which could have simply been emailed to them.

This dossier claims to report information from anonymous “trusted compatriots,” “knowledgeable sources” and ministry officials. Unbelievable spin. None of it makes a lick of sense. When the machinations allegedly started (2011), no one even knew Trump would eventually run for President. It speaks of centi-million dollar bribes (which were offered but never paid). Russia is broke; they can’t offer this kind of money to anybody.

Finally, the report is full of hearsay: “I know somebody who heard something.” Bizarre and anonymous, what a state of affairs we have reached when even the US elite are taken in by such fiction. For the real state of affairs and where life is headed, read my book The Coup D’état Against President Donald J. Trump.

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