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Earthquakes, volcanoes and the August 21, 2017 Great American Eclipse

David Meade
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Let’s look at some fascinating facts about the August Eclipse. According to an article on the Countdown Site:

– The August eclipse occurs exactly 33 days before the Revelation 12 Sign, beginning in the 33rd state (Oregon), and ending in South Carolina at the 33rd parallel.

– 2017 eclipse max time is 2 min 42 sec and the 2024 eclipse max time is 4 min 28 second – add both together and total time is 7 minutes even.

-The day of the eclipse is August 21, 2017 – (7 + 7 + 7 = 21)

-The eclipse is also exactly 40 days from Yom Kippur and the path of totality will be 70 miles wide. The zone of totality arrives onshore at 1716 UT – same exact time of sunset in Jerusalem.

– 7 years later another eclipse, and both form an X over the United States that rests right over a region in southern Illinois called “Little Egypt.” The exact point where the two paths cross is in the town of Makanda, which used to be called the “Star of Egypt.”

– The first major city that will witness the eclipse is Oregon’s state capital, Salem. Salem is the shortened version of “Jerusalem,” which is the most prophetically significant city in the entire Bible. Jerusalem was originally called Salem in the days of Melchizedek (Genesis 14:18) and the closest road to the exact point where the two eclipses cross is Salem Road in Makanda, Illinois.

–The eclipse will be the first total solar eclipse that only affects the United States since 1776, founding of the country.

Now let’s move forward into the area of speculation.

The Space and Science Research Center (SSRC) performed a review of historical records – for 350 years of volcanic activity (1650-2009) and seismic activity (1700 to 2009) within the continental US. It then compared the results with the sun’s record of sunspots, a measure of solar activity.

This study revealed an impressive degree of correlation for global volcanic activity – greater than 80.6%. It also revealed a pattern for the largest US earthquakes.

Knowing this, let’s examine what may transpire during the August 21, 2017 rare total solar eclipse. Here’s the deal: The New-Madrid seismic zone is on the direct path of the eclipse.

Will the increased gravitational pull of the sun and moon alignment have any effects on the planet Earth?

The moon itself creates the tides – its gravitational pull has enormous effects.

So the question arises, when the moon and the sun are perfectly aligned during this eclipse, will the combined gravitational forces cause unusual activity as it passes over?

Years ago, I recall there was a geologist who insisted that the moon had potential effects on fault zones. He made very good arguments.

I notice that the eclipse will cross over the New Madrid fault line. In 1811 and 1812 arrived four of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded in America.

Some even say that one of the earthquakes (February 7, 1812) was potentially a magnitude 9.0 or larger! It actually destroyed a town–New Madrid Missouri–and rang church bells a thousand miles away in Boston and New York City!

When you take in all of this information at face value, and combine it with the briefings in my book Planet X – The 2017 Arrival, I can only say that I find it very, very curious!

Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous. –Albert Einstein

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