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Part 2: The imminent EMP threat

David Meade
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The EMP Commission that was established by Congress to assess the threat of an EMP attack has reported that our national electric grid and other U.S. critical infrastructure will be significantly disrupted by a sudden and high-intensity energy field burst. This could come from a solar flare incident, as listed in my book, or from an ICBM, satellite or container-ship-launched single nuclear warhead detonated above Kansas.

If a sole EMP warhead is detonated 300 miles into the atmosphere above the middle of the U.S., the continental United States electrical grid (48 states) would go down for months and maybe years. 90% of the population would be affected. Food and water distribution would halt. Emergency services would be virtually nonexistent.

There exist over 2,000 extra high-voltage transformers that need to be hardened. To replace them after a catastrophic failure is impossible. The lead time on order is 12-18 months and they are manufactured overseas. Here’s a quote from their study:

“I see three reasons why we are not making progress at present on these threats and I’ll address these in the rest of my talk. The first is there are many misconceptions about EMP and GMD threats. The first misconception is that only major nuclear powers, such as Russia and China with high yield thermonuclear devices could effectively execute an EMP attack. In fact, low yield devices obtained by emerging nuclear powers such as North Korea and Iran can produce catastrophic EMP effects.

“Misconception two, that a nuclear EMP attack would burn out every exposed electronic system. In fact, based on government tests, we know that smaller self-contained, self-powered systems such as vehicles, handheld radios, disconnected portable generators are often not affected. {My note: If a vehicle survives with its electrical system intact, it still cannot run without fuel, which is pumped through electrical current}

“Misconception three, EMP effects on critical infrastructure will be limited to nonsevere, nuisance-type affects. In fact, wide area failure of just a few systems, could cause cascading infrastructure collapse, in highly interconnected networks. One example is the 2003 electric blackout of the northeast was precipitated by a single high-voltage line touching a tree, and then proceeded to cascade to the entire northeast.”

The Department of Defense says that EMP protection for civilian infrastructure is DHS’ responsibility. And then when I talk to DHS, I get answers that the protection should be done by the Department of Energy, since they are the infrastructure’s sector-specific agency. Who’s on first here?

Dr. Peter Pry, wrote in The Wall Street Journal, ‘‘The Pentagon was wise to move NORAD back into Cheyenne Mountain, but how are the American people to survive?’’

In Congressional Hearings, he said:

“In the midst of that crisis North Korea orbited a satellite over the south pole that passed over the territory of the United States on the optimum trajectory and altitude to both evade our national missile defenses, and, had that been a nuclear warhead, to place an EMP field over all 48 contiguous United States that would have had catastrophic consequences. That was the KSM 3 satellite; that satellite stills passes over us with regularity.”

The Department of Homeland Security, the Federal agency responsible for protecting the American citizens, is not doing enough to lead an interagency effort to mitigate the impact of an EMP event, leaving vast populations of Americans vulnerable to the effects of an EMP. The only group that would be totally unaffected is the Amish–quite an irony.

A recent cost study by the Foundation for Resilient Society shows that significant EMP protection could be achieved for an investment in the range of $10 to $30 billion. That is not exorbitant. A failure would cost trillions and likely impact hundreds of millions of lives.

I would highly recommend to all readers that you Tweet, link, share in social media or email this article to your representative in Congress, to Fox News, to Sean Hannity and to President Trump. It’s high time action was taken.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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