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Pareidolia strikes again: ‘Face of Jesus’ for sale on eBay!

B.Scott, Executive Editor

Pareidolia: the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern.

This is off the topic of Planet X and related news but I’ll allow it because it’s my site.

I saw that someone has listed for sale on eBay what is purportedly the face of Jesus on a small piece of wood. I will admit it does look a little like the South Park Jesus but I won’t be placing a bid.

The reason I am sharing this is I had a strange experience with this phenomenon — if that’s what it is — back in 2004 and was wondering if any of my readers have had a similar experience or just what your general thoughts on the matter are.

Back to my experience: My grandparents had been friends for many years with a lady who was around 101 years old when she died. Her family gave my grandparents a few items they didn’t want, one of which was a folding make-up case. My grandparents asked me if I’d list it on eBay, so I took some pictures of it and when I transferred them to my computer, I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. In the mirror of the make-up case, there is what everyone who has seen the picture agrees is a ghoulish face looking back at the camera (it does not resemble the face of the lady who owned the make-up case). Unfortunately, the only copy of the picture I know of exists on my old computer that’s in storage. Someday I may get it out and update this post. I checked eBay but the archived listing was removed years ago.

I’ve had a number of paranormal experiences in my life (I wouldn’t even consider this one the most paranormal) and just wanted to take this opportunity to share this one with my many readers. I love reading your comments and hope you leave a few below.

By the way, I wish the best for this ‘face of Jesus’ listing and hope it sell for more than the haunted make-up case I sold. Even though I noted the scary face in my listing, it still only sold for $25.

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