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The Creature from Jekyll Island

David Meade
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The widely-accepted view of history we are taught as children is that the Federal Reserve was created to stabilize our economy. Even the most naive, however, must wonder. Since its inception, we have witnessed the crashes of 1921 and 1929, the Great Depression of 1929 to 1939, recessions in 1953, 1957, 1969, 1975 and 1981, “Black Monday” in 1987, and 1000% inflation, which has destroyed 90% of the dollar’s purchasing power.

The Federal Reserve is about as federal as Federal Express. It is owned by a consortium of international banks. From its history, it is obviously unable and incapable of achieving its stated objectives. Why is it still preserved? The direct answer is that economic stabilization was in reality never one of its real objectives.

It is a cartel with a government facade. And every time there is a conflict between public need and the cartel’s goals, the public is sacrificed on its altar. That’s the way cartels work.

The plan for the so-called Federal Reserve was drafted at a secret meeting in November of 1910, at a private resort owned by J.P. Morgan, off the coast of Georgia on Jekyll Island. There the cartel obtained a franchise to create money out of nothing and charge interest on it.  Currency drains, inflation and bank runs would be paid for by the public. In a nutshell, that was the deal.

The purpose of the Jekyll Island meeting was to maximize profits to insiders. It was attended by an elite group of insiders. That’s the secret of this strange journey. The structure was “pure cartel.” It’s a classic example: a group of independent bankers who decide to coordinate how to eliminate competition and share insider profits. The tool is a shared monopoly over their industry–money.

So the Federal Reserve was created: it is not federal and there are no reserves. Six men, representing one-fourth of the wealth of the world, secretly entered a private railroad car in New Jersey and began their journey to Jekyll Island. They had been instructed to arrive separately, to avoid reporters and make believe that they did not know each other. On the train, they used first names only. The porters and servants did not know their names. This 800-mile journey took them to Atlanta, Savannah and then Brunswick, Georgia, a small fishing village. From the dock, they shortly arrived at the remote island lodge of Jekyll Island.

The evidence says this was a planned conspiracy. My book explains everything and why the mother of all crashes is about to occur. These events were not the blind forces of nature or history. The accidental theory of history is just that–a blank page.

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