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Connect the dots: terrorism, Trump, martial law, Planet X

David "Doomsday Dave" Hines
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Terrorism in the Western countries has increased dramatically and I wonder why it has come to this. I sometimes wonder if this is a massive conspiracy so that martial law can be introduced so that more controls can be implemented on the everyday person.

With Donald Trump as president, it has surely put the world in a tailspin and the mainstream media is going nuts and watching his every move. He is the most unorthodox president to date and I am wondering how this will go down in history. He has certainly pissed off many people but so far the republicans have stuck by him.

I would imagine that if the Illuminati did not want him in power then I am sure he would have been assassinated by now and a new president put in his place but it seems the Illuminati are quite content having this huge distraction away from the real plan.

Does this have anything to do with the arrival of Planet X? Well, it could very well be and I know this may be far-fetched but we always have to think out of the box, no matter how absurd it may sound.

At present, with all this violence going on around the world, it certainly has people on edge and I am sure there are many who have changed their travel plans so as to potentially avoid harm. We put on a brave face and tell these terrorists that we will carry on with our lives without fear but the reality is people are fearful and I know people who have changed their plans or are about to.

I am keeping a close eye on all of this to see if there will be an even bigger increase in terrorism and I can just imagine the cost involved in security. I am sure some of you reading this will think I am reading too much into this but maybe not.

I feel for those families who have suffered such cowardice acts and it is the innocent ones who seem to suffer, but just think for a minute as to why the terrorists are not targeting high-ranking officials or federal buildings. Trump has many rallies, so I am wondering why nothing has happened at one of his gatherings, which would have a deeper impact. You may say that the security is tougher at these functions and you are probably correct but still no attempt has been made, except for the easy targets.

I think they want to I instill fear in you so that when they do decide that martial law is enacted for your safety no one will object and most would probably accept and welcome it. So the cards are being played out right under our very noses and we suspect nothing. Like good little citizens we obey our leaders, believing they have our best interests at heart, which I feel is far from the truth.

I call what they are doing mass manipulation, which also includes our law enforcement. They, like us, are just pawns in this web of deceit, as are even some of those in the lower ranks of power. It makes everything look genuine but behind the scenes the plan is coming together.

Like I said earlier, this is just a different way of looking at things, so please don’t get excited and blast me. I am just trying to get some of you out of the hypnotic state you may be in. Remember, the players in this game have done this for a long time and they are experts at it; manipulation of the masses has gone on for decades.

It really makes me wonder when there is a heightened level of activity, such as this, what is around the corner. Could it be Planet X or a meteor or asteroid? Changes to our planet have increased, but very subtle so as not to raise concern. It is a jigsaw puzzle and I have pieces to put in but am not sure where they go right now, so we will have to wait and see if this theory is correct.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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