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The dangers of Freemasonry and the New World Order

David Meade
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Adam Weishaupt began the Illuminati movement in Bavaria in 1776. He had been teaching theology and was an expert in the occult. Three years before, Myer Amschel Bauer, a Rothschild and 12 associates, approached Weishaupt with financial backing.

These people were highly knowledgeable about the esoteric book known as the Kabala; it contains supposedly secret knowledge and symbols that date back 3500 years. This was the religion of Nimrod, the first Mason, who built what became known as the Tower of Babel in his attempt to “reach the heavens.”

The purpose of the Freemasons is to eventually enthrone their Master Mason, who is himself Lucifer, in their Masonic Temple in Jerusalem. Washington, DC is a monument to Freemasonry; it has buildings which serve as images of temples, and ley-lines and street angles aligned to Sirius and other stars.

The world capitals of the Vatican in Rome and London, England are each parts of a branch that the Freemasons control; thus, they control religion, banking and the Military Industrial Complex.

The USA is therefore on the very verge of ushering in the Masonic Evil Empire of the Beast in Revelation. It has to come out of the ashes of the Old World Order through chaos, economic collapse and war.  We are at the precipice of a major implosion. A global economic reset will precede this change.

Why is there an all-seeing eye within the capstone of the Masonic temple in the US Reserve seal? It alludes to Satan’s eye. It alludes to the New World Order.

According to Masonic protocols, the lodges from the first to the third degrees are considered their “outer porch.” They mislead by false information. Unsuspecting members see very little harm or damage in such organizations; they think they contribute to society through “good works.” Only the very highest-degree Freemasons are told the rest of the story.

Notice that the UN, Lucis Trust, the Council on Foreign Relations and other similar organizations all promote humanism.  The UN logo is divided into 32 quadrants (the 8-fold path of witchcraft).

There will exist a new economic grid with no opting out for its members. This assures absolute control. The end game, as explained in my book, is that it is highly documented that these secret societies funnel their top-ranking candidates into Washington’s top institutions and political power bases with the intent of ultimate control of world governments.

Tricks and deception will be attempted to bring about the New World Order. These plans have been encoded and masked by numerology, but they are hidden in plain sight to all those who have eyes to see.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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