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2017 Great Depression and gold

David Meade
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There’s an old Russian saying: “Cheer up, comrades – things will get worse.” Well, they will but at the same time there will be an amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to profit. Here’s what will likely happen shortly:

The Chinese Yuan is headed toward gold-backed status. It will replace the debt-ridden US dollar as a reserve currency. When this happens, the stock market will collapse.

China is accumulating a significant volume of gold bullion. They are one of the top producers and consumers of gold in the world. They keep their domestic production and import significant levels of gold from other countries.

In addition, they are buying gold mines around the world. Many believe they will break the metal free from the price manipulation of the London bankers. Then gold will float to free market levels.

There will be a simultaneous dumping of U.S. treasuries. Most people realize that hardly any gold remains in Fort Knox. What’s there is not .995% fine gold – the international standard.

My new book explains all of this and much, much more in detail. Silver is far rarer than gold and the natural ratio is 9:1. A traditional gold standard is impossible at today’s prices.

But if gold hits $64,000 per ounce, then silver is at $7,000 per ounce. To create the exchange rate of one ounce of gold for every $64,000, in theory, they’d need 10,000 metric tons of gold; that’s 6% of all of the gold mined in history.

This shock from Shanghai would cause an immediate collapse of our fiat monetary system, the COMEX and the dollar. FOREX derivatives will collapse. Panic will ensue.

A buying opportunity has thus been created that has never been seen before in history. In my book, The Coup D’état Against President Donald J. Trump, I detail all of the economic plans of the globalists and the ‘end game’ of the New World Order. A Chinese gold standard would need a rate of 50 times today’s market price. That may just be right where it is headed.

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