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The power and control of Freemasonry

David Meade
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The Masons, in affiliation with other secret societies, have been in virtual total control of the majority of the American government for 100 years. They have also infiltrated our major institutions; they are hidden in plain sight. They use symbols that are associated with Greek mythology to confuse and obfuscate.

The Statue of Liberty was provided by the French Freemasons to commemorate an anniversary of the USA’s independence. It represents the Greek Sun-god, Apollyon, aka Osiris or Nimrod. She is holding the Baphomet torch, which represents Lucifer, the Light Bearer.

The power to print money which is specified in the U.S. Constitution was subtly changed into the power of foreign banks to print our national currency and then charge interest on top of that.

Jekyll Island was a cabal designed to charge interest to and then tax hard-earned money from the American people. It’s a prime example of usury. Since then the nation has economically imploded and now you have close to 30% true unemployment, with millions underemployed as well. You have 50 million on food stamps.

FDR approved the Reverse Seal of the U.S. on the Federal Reserve note in 1933 – he was a 33rd-degree Mason. Greenspan has stated, “there is no higher law than the Federal Reserve.”

These people are driven by a lust for money and the love of mammon. That’s the bottom line. However, the Lord has made it clear in the Bible that rulers are set up and taken down. At a certain point, this power will be curtailed.

The USA is on the verge of this very event. It will be the institution of the New World Order out of the ashes of the Old. There will be major economic collapse during the transition. It will start this fall – in 2017.  It will be accompanied by the passage of Planet X, as discussed in my book.

Ex-Masons have told us that only the highest-degree Masons are initiated into the master plan. The showdown is called the Battle of Armageddon. Until that time arrives, Lucifer and his followers simply use signs, numbers and symbols to cloak their ominous plans. The media and the central banks move their plan forward. The U.S. is on the precipice of an implosion unlike any we have ever seen.

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