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Planet X approaches: ‘It’s time to go all-in’

Christian deBlanc
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Planet X has been visible from the Southern Hemisphere for two years on a fairly permanent basis. Honestly, since the December 21, 2012 alignment, Planet X and its system have been ushering the planet into the Milky Way’s center and we are experiencing a birth of higher-dimensional consciousness as we re-enter the galaxy’s photon belt.

The overlords of darkness cannot keep us down any longer. 2017 is Hebrew year 5777. It’s a cosmic sign that the jackpot is ours if we just stay the course and finish. Children are speaking to their parents, saying that “Jesus is coming soon.” If the Bible didn’t say exactly this, I wouldn’t be telling you. Now is the time, folks.

As far as the Carl Vinson, which is being used as a paschal lamb in the Pacific, and the intensification of the fighting by the Taliban in both Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the skirmish between Iran and Israel over the Golan Heights, what we are seeing around the world is the signal that nation-states and individuals are preparing to go “all in,” for war and disclosure, respectively.

Julian Assange is attempting to disclose the mother of all info bombs, but is being prevented by intelligence agencies working for the Anglo-American-Israeli-Establishment.

Donald Trump’s use of the mother of all bombs is really more so bluff and bluster than true brinkmanship, unfortunately. I fear Trump is playing all sides to all people. Or, perhaps, he is just playing us; and, all that happened with the election is that the Rothschilds managed to keep us in their grip while they impoverish us till we are trodden underfoot.

Microchipping us into a cashless society run by Rothschild / Vatican banks is the plan, but this will not happen, I pray. Kushner does actually own 666 Fifth Avenue which actually does house Lucent Technologies, which actually is working on an RFID microchip.

According to Benjamin Fulford, it is actually we who are about to put the Rothschilds and the entire Khazarian synagogue of Satan who have been masquerading as Jews, Christians, Masons and Muslims, alike, under our respective feet. He claims that Donald Trump was blackmailed into the Syria strike.

Fulford further contends that the Pentagon will not support this military action, whether in Syria or in North Korea, and that World War 3 will not happen. It seems like since the Clinton Administration, the Pentagon has become wise as the deception of the serpents of Washington.

Of course, the mainstream media is declaring quite the opposite notion, namely that the Trump Administration is giving the Pentagon “more flexibility” in both Iraq and Syria, as we do the bidding of Saudi Arabia and Israel.

This is why Donald Rumsfeld declared war on the Pentagon on September 10, 2001 and then on September 11th the exact part of the Pentagon where the investigators were looking into trillions of missing dollars was struck by a plane or a missile.

North Korea’s intensification of war rhetoric and missile tests, however far-fetched the threat might be, suggests that now is a significant time in human history. Soon, everyone will have to show their cards. We hope North Korea will fold its hand and not face annihilation, but people have no idea who is actually running the show. Why would a nation sacrifice its own people? Why was China was prepared, willing and able, under the leadership of Mao Tse-tung, to execute its own citizens; and, later, why did they choose to implement a ruthless one-child only policy for decades, while also outlawing Christianity and Qi Chong in one fell swoop? It scooped up Tibet and, with it, China is now trying to suggest that it can claim dominion over the line of lamas that has stretched back for centuries, if not millennia.

The lama is reincarnated. We are reincarnated. It’s time to wake up. This is a repetition of World War 2, except in this version, the Muslims are going to be held in camps, but Christians will die in the Middle East until Damascus is a ruinous heap, at which point I expect Jesus to descend to destroy the Anti-Christ dajjal at the Gate of Damascus.

This modern-day Israel is a scourge, just as this modern Communist Republic of China. They are not as repugnant as what the United States has become. The European Union is nothing but a fascist Holy Roman Empire without holiness. Of course, this modern caliphate is the biggest abomination of Islam ever witnessed by saints of any of the three monotheistic religions. The “Peoples of the Book” were never intended to war with each other, just as Jews were never intended to charge interest.

Of course, we’re not in Kansas anymore. We’re awake and alive. We know that extraterrestrials and angels are both real in their own dimensions, just as the house has its own proper dimensions. Once, way in the distant past, angels left their dimension and decided to enter ours and materialize. We have trust issues with the concepts of both angels and extraterrestrials the same way people have trust issues with their family. We are part of a galactic family.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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