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The Nazi Germany version of the New World Order

David Meade
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It is important to understand that Planet X, the New World Order and a global economic reset all tie in. Planet X is the precursor, or primary conduit, for the New World Order to take power. Planet X will create a global economic reset. My new book spends the first 45% explaining how the New World Order will operate and the final 55% in how to prepare for an economic crash caused by Planet X. It all works in tandem.

One of my readers recently asked why a study of geopolitics is important: Shouldn’t we mainly focus on Planet X? Planet X will appear in the fall of 2017. But major events transpiring right now may intervene. This is a year of destiny. President Trump has announced to North Korea that if they fire one more nuclear missile test, he will respond militarily. That is the groundwork for World War III. It may be unstoppable. We need to be aware that we are on the brink of historical events of unheralded proportions. So we need to understand this New World Order and be aware.

Let’s look at how an attempt by the prior generation to effect a New World Order worked. Prior to the annexation of Austria into Germany, you had a population of Germany that was 33% Catholic and 67% Protestant. The anti-Church portion of the state included the Fuhrer, Martin Bormann (Hitler’s secretary), Joseph Goebbles (Propaganda Minister) and Heinrich Himmler (Head of SS).

They believed that Christianity should be “absorbed” into the Nazi form of “Positive Christianity” based on:

  • Renouncing the Old Testament roots
  • Disregarding the Apostle’s Creed
  • Holding out Hitler as the “new Messiah”

Their objective: to transform the thinking of the German nation, including their values and opinions, into an obedient “national community” with a single faith. Sound familiar?

In order to accomplish this, they had the objective of removing all religious allegiance and all classes into a unified Church of Germany (from Germany’s 28 existing Protestant churches).

Hitler persecuted the Catholic Church. Hitler signed a Reich Concordat Treaty with the Vatican in 1933, promising to respect the autonomy of the Church. He never did. In fact, he closed all institutions which were not religious.

He arrested thousands of clergy and nuns, including lay leaders of the Church. He even persecuted smaller minorities such as the Seventh Day Adventists. In their place, he had a “German Faith Movement” which was popularized on the basis of environmentalists and mother-earth worshipers who were in full support of the Nazis. If you don’t believe in their version of global climate change today, you’re a fringe element, you know.

So Nazi socialism (as is American socialism) was predicated on the ancient fascist Roman pagan nature worship practices. The socialists in Nazi Germany planned to ultimately eradicate Christianity in all of its forms and all of its churches. They wanted to do so on a global scale – sound familiar again? The Fourth Reich had the same objectives as the UN Climate Change Forum and the New World Order. You can read about it in my book. And you can listen to it on my latest media interview with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock here.

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