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Part 2: Antarctica evacuated, Planet X / Nibiru almost here?

David "Doomsday Dave" Hines
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This article reports that John Kerry visited that Antarctica base. I wonder what was so important for him to go in person. If I was in his position and a report hit my desk that they discovered a UFO craft or aliens, then I to would want to see it with my own eyes. As much as people scoff to what I and my co-writers put out, there is definitely something big going on.

So what is really going on in Denver? Read for yourself and you will understand that there is a very dark satanical happening with those who were trusted to lead the country. You can turn a blind eye and dismiss this but the facts are the facts and you should open your eyes as to what is really going on and the purpose.

One statement that Donald Trump made which was “Fake News” is so correct. The so-called most trusted news, CNN, as they claim, are the biggest manipulators of the truth. We can easily dismiss all the so-called conspiracy theorists as crackpots because it is the path of least resistance. Most don’t want to hear the truth because they cannot handle it. Most just want their house in the suburbs, two cars, a few man toys and food on the table and they are happy; so long as their lifestyle does not change, everything is bliss. We have been so manipulated and brainwashed that all this bad stuff reported in the social media by concerned people is classified as outlandish rubbish but that is not so. Believe want you want but one day you are going to be in shock when you lose everything and wonder what has happened.

Want to know what our elite people are up to? Well, check this out. See just how many are rushing to get their bunkers built? What do they know that we don’t? Never before has there been such a panic to construct these facilities. If you dig deep enough, you will find out more facts or you can just dismiss all these facts and carry on with your normal existence until the SHTF.

So why is it that since Donald Trump took office the underground shelter business has skyrocketed? People may scoff at the existence of Planet X but it does not matter if it is the coming of Planet X or a nuclear war. The result is the same: the ordinary American is screwed and hung out to dry. It is the same scenario: no food, no water and a shattered lifestyle. Go ahead and ignore the signs and trust in CNN or Fox News; they will keep you well informed. NOT! If you don’t believe me, read this. Oh, yes, if people on CNN use the word “rhetoric” one more time I am going to puke.

I will probably get lots of comments as to me being paranoid and making a mountain out of a mole hill but the facts are the facts and the elite are making moves to secure their future, so I can only interpret their moves as they obviously know something that most are not aware of. The rich do not waste money on shelters because of rumours; they use their money wisely and that is why they are rich, so my advice is to watch what they do and heed the warning and the evidence.

What about North Korea? Kim Jong-un is going to test a nuclear bomb. I ask myself why the world allows this leader to exist and my only reasoning is he is a great distraction as to what is really going on. Let’s face it: if they wanted to get rid of him, he could easily be assassinated; he is a trigger-happy idiot. Why doesn’t China take control of him? What is the underlying reason to allow him to exist? Is it because they want nuclear war and, if so, why?

DDD signing off. Stay safe.

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