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Mainstream media beats the war drums

Christian deBlanc
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Now that the U.S. has dropped the Mother of All Bombs on Kandahar Province in Afghanistan, a move intended to send a message to ISIS, Russia and China alike, the mainstream media has decided (in the form of CNN) to let us know that it has intercepted communications between Assad’s military commanders and other actors just prior to the chemical (or should I say, alleged chemical) attack in Syria.

This same media was calling for Trump’s impeachment just months ago. They were also claiming Trump was a Russian agent and that individuals in his Cabinet and/or his inner sanctum were, secretly, double agents of the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin.

Suddenly, the “Never-Trumpers” like John McCain and Lindsey Graham are cheering our president on as he drops bombs and blows up airfields and tells the Russians, “I’m sure you’ll come to your senses” and stop your support of Assad.

I am sorry. Let me quote the man more directly. He tweeted:

“Things will work out fine between the United States and Russia. At the right time, everyone will come to their senses & there will be lasting peace”

… God, I hope so. I pray for that to happen. Trump says “everything will be fine” as he drops the Mother of All Bombs. “Who can make war with this beast?”

Indeed, I am sure “come to their senses” means stop their support for Assad and stop trying to defeat ISIS so that we can use ISIS as a pretext to complete the pipeline and complete the clash of civilizations in one fell swoop of the totalitarian bird with Obama’s administration serving as the left wing and Trump’s administration serving as the right wing.

Now, we can see that it has always been just one bird. From Bush Sr.’s influence on Reagan to Clinton to Bush Jr., to Obama and now, Trump. Regime change—drug dealing—war-mongering. The song remains the same. Take the citizens’ rights away and make them trade security for civil liberties.

Anyway, I am sure it (the bombing and the war-mongering and war-posturing, I mean) has nothing to do with a pipeline deal that runs through Syria and allows Saudi Arabia and Qatar to vastly enrich themselves, as opposed to the pipeline deal that runs through Syria and allows Russia, Iran and Syria to enrich themselves. I am sure China is not getting on board with the United States right now in order to enrich themselves in Africa in places like Sudan but, more importantly, in the mineral-rich Congo region.

Afghanistan itself has trillions of dollars in mineral riches like nickel and lithium, not to mention gold, which is why we have been competing for it for some time. It also produces vast amounts of opium which numbs and hurts a population, while making money for the drug-dealing global elite of the Anglo-American Empire, who funnel the drugs that the military and the CIA helped to cultivate by making sure the farmers’ opium crops surged to a largesse that could help to bankroll the military-industrial-complex and the banks in a way that never occurred so openly and obviously.

Right-wingers seem to love war at all costs because it shows the hens who the rooster is. It makes ISIS cower in fear, except for the fact that the United States secretly created ISIS with the help of Saudi Arabia and now the global, worldwide Jihad is set to hit the streets this summer. The MOAB being dropped in Afghanistan just as the one and only Islamic judge was cruelly murdered in the Hudson River just shows that the goal of the Illuminati is to start the clash of civilizations. Now let’s think about all of the Trojan horse ISIS cell members in Europe and God knows where else. Let’s ask ourselves if it’s still possible for them to gather funding and communicate using standard online banking and social media sites. Unfortunately, they can still be funded by wealthy Arab benefactors, Deep State channels, Pakistani, Saudi, Mossad, British, U.S. or European benefactors—not to mention everyday sympathizers of the middle class who want to be part of the jihad. Communists, too, have aligned themselves against the right wing of the Illuminati Anglo-American Empire.

Albert Pike’s vision is alive and well and the Mossad forces that planned 9/11 with the Saudi Arabian elite and the executives at the Carlyle Group (including the Bush family) are laughing all the way to the bank.

Israel is poised to remove Syria without anybody noticing how it managed to kick out all of the secular regimes and replace them with militant Islamist governments that then did not have to be respected on the global stage the way that secular regimes needed to be respected. Syria does not have a Rothschild central bank and neither does Iran.  North Korea has no central bank, either.

Libya was planning on creating a gold, Dinar currency to unite Africa. Saddam Hussein started dealing for oil in Euros instead of dollars. Their crimes were economic as much as they are war crimes.

Assad needed to have war crimes successfully pinned on his lapel so that the U.S. / NATO coalition forces could level Damascus.

It’s just sad that the mainstream media is pushing this once and final cataclysm without most people realizing that this is the final religious struggle between Lucifer and Jesus Christ, not between Christianity and Islam.

That’s the real struggle—service to self (Lucifer) vs service to others (Christ). We’re just scared to serve others and let go of the fear. Planet X and its system are coming and there is no way to stop the time of Great Harvest.

The Judgment will be sown.

The Tribulation begins in September. September 23rd marks the inaugural, celestial event. People need to purify their hearts and let go of the materialism, the animal fear, the animal / tribal ego and all of the self-identity. We are multi-dimensional beings operating on many different planes of reality simultaneously. We are living our past lives and creating our future lives as we speak. There are many mansion worlds in the universe and we are preparing our souls for the journey by storing up positive experiences.

War is about the worst thing for the human soul to have to absorb. There is almost no way to use war as a means to enlighten yourself because it traumatizes and causes us to disassociate from the enemy and ultimately, from ourselves, especially if we have to become killers.

We can do better in 2017. We can create peace and end war. We need peace.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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