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The Secret Cabal

David Meade
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A Secret Cabal operates openly but without approval of the President or the National Security Council. They operate without Congressional knowledge; in fact, if you invite them to speak before Congress, they might just say they’re too busy.

Allen Dulles was a master of deception. He was used to operating as a lawyer and doing whatever his clients told him. He carried this mentality over to his government service. He was very guarded and circumspect and yet would invite members of the press to his private dining room and share the secrets he wanted to. Secrecy was used to fit his purposes.

It is the object of my book to bring reality and understanding into this vast, unknown area. We live in a world where this cabal dominates in hidden government power structures. It’s independent. It uses agencies such as the CIA for its covert agenda. What the CIA calls peacetime operations are covert activities. Controlling secret intelligence is the key. The enemy is “Communism” or whatever the flavor of the day is.  There’s always an enemy.

Paramilitary plans and activities are carried out by agencies under the guise of national security. Some of these are valuable activities, but some are the promotion of a hidden agenda. Since most individuals are on a “need-to-know” basis, very few individuals have the view from the top.

Most of these secret organizations originated in Europe or Britain. Their reach extended into the Americas from there. Through their relationships with undercover infrastructure, such as universities, think-tanks and the mainstream news, these people can influence governments all over the globe.

They don’t react well to criticism or publication. Look at how they have reacted to President Trump, who has fought them on every front. They don’t like to be questioned. They consider themselves a new religious order. They are indeed deluded.

They have remained in power until President Trump took office–I’m talking about the Deep State or the Secret Cabal. Now they have their own masters–these are ruthless men in positions of high power behind the scenes. My book explains their entire background, levels of control and how to protect yourselves this year–a year of destiny.

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