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David Meade
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Winston Churchill moved from the Admiralty to the hallowed position of Prime Minister of England during the darkest days of history. After obtaining a nightly intelligence briefing, he would stroll underground to his bomb-proof residence. There was a small bar nearby he would then attend and, one night after a major air raid, he said, “Unrestricted submarine warfare, unrestricted air bombing–this is total war.” Finally he said, “Time and the ocean and some guiding star and High Cabal have made us what we are.”

There exists, beyond any doubt whatsoever, an international High Cabal. It is obviously apparent. It has remained largely anonymous but hidden in plain sight.

If you look at how Washington operates, Defense, the CIA and State use the technique of the briefing officer to reach the decision makers. But President Trump has appointed his own men at the very top levels. So what the cabal does is to use bush-league tactics–leaks from senior prior administration officials who have not yet been removed or found out. This is their current tactic to exercise control and subvert Trump’s goals and plans.

I’ve written my book as a briefing officer. I’m alerting you as to what is really happening, behind the scenes. And I’m alerting you, especially after the failure to reach a majority vote to repeal and replace Obamacare, that the next major agenda item the New World Order is going to use to destroy and distract us is the debt ceiling. It’s currently frozen and we’re on emergency measures. Because of the various factions, they know it’ll continue to be frozen. When late spring comes around, everything will shut down. This is the beginning of the end of the economy–the global reset, as I call it in my book.

Now, my book explains, the last half of it, how you can protect yourself against the imminent collapse of the markets and, in fact, make huge profits. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Most will miss it. One in a thousand will be aware and take advantage of it.

I have been on special assignment most of my life as a briefing officer in one capacity or another, for some of the smartest people in the world–some of them members of Mensa.

My book also explains what pure propaganda and close to nationwide “brainwashing” of the American public has occurred. I intended to interpret and clarify these events by analyzing information already in the public domain. There is plenty.

History is seriously warped by so much government and academia-funded interpretations of historical events, with no critical thinking or analysis accompanying it at all.

There is a phenomenon known as and called the “cover” (the CIA’s official euphemism for not telling the truth).

People have fallen victim to the many pitfalls of the secret society and of the “cover story” world with its lies and counter-lies. My book, “The Coup D’état Against President Donald J. Trump”, explains it all.

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