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David Meade discusses Vault 7 on Late Night in the Midlands

David Meade
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In this fascinating two-hour interview just released with David Meade on Late Night in the Midlands, David discusses new revelations in his book about Vault 7, among many other topics.

Here’s what we now know about the leak called CIA Vault 7:

1. The CIA has malware which creates backdoors into your smartphones and smart TVs.

2. Your electronic devices are the CIA’s microphones.

3. Your PC is the CIA’s spy via Windows Update.

4. Skype chats are converted into text and stored on CIA clouds.

This is all widely known and distributed public knowledge now. This was accomplished during the Obama administration. Is it legal?

To continue:

5. Cars can be used to carry out assassinations.

6. It looks like the entire Silicon Valley group is part of the CIA apparatus.

Now what’s happening? Who is being exposed? The Book of Revelation is happening now. The world is under major deception. Doesn’t the CIA have a mandate to protect the American people?

Vault 7 also says that the US consulate in Frankfurt is a covert CIA facility. That’s not really a surprise. Consulates are great covers.

Vault 7 says the CIA can mimic Russian hackers by leaving Russian fingerprints–that’s called a frame. That’s what the New World Order has been saying all the time: “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

The good news is that this entire process vindicates President Trump. All the secrets are out. Obama’s administration has built a mega-machine that can tap everyone, including Trump. Nixon was impeached over just one instance called Watergate.

The bottom line: Trump’s claims appear to be absolutely true. He’ll probably be a two-term President. These are turning points in world history. It looks like God is intervening and revealing all. The New World Order plan is unraveling.

Now, the mainstream, propaganda media has not even touched on Vault 7. Anyone who doesn’t report this news is obviously “fake news.” The reason they don’t report: the Fourth Amendment has been torn apart–the right to arbitrary intrusion is lost.

Now absolutely everybody knows what the Deep State is–a shadow government that controls the real power. Congress is no longer consulted when war is declared. The Constitution is not followed by the judicial branch. Old school politics was just theater.

The video may be viewed below.

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