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GCHQ and Trump Tower surveillance

David Meade
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You’ve probably heard of the United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters, also known as GCHQ. If you haven’t, be assured they’ve heard of you. If you used the World Wide Web from 2007 forward, they have probably logged your entries into their database.

Karma Police, a harmless-sounding code name, is the name for their data-mining operation, the largest in the world, designed to track “every visible user on the Internet.”

According to GCHQ, by 2009 the program had stored over 1.1 trillion “events”—Web-browsing sessions—in its “Black Hole” database. By 2010, the system was gathering 30 billion records per day of Internet traffic metadata. According to another GCHQ document, that volume grew to 50 billion per day by 2012.  Who knows where it is today.

This data analyzes your pattern of life, your email addresses and instant messages. If you’ve looked at their website—GCHQ—they have a record of that, too. They routinely share that information, among other data intercepts, with the “Five Eyes” partners, who are Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand (Britain being number five).

We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Deep State is in a major struggle with President Donald J. Trump. They didn’t want him elected and even after his election they haven’t given up but have resorted to a variety of covert and illegal means to disrupt and discredit his administration. The Deep State is the dark side of military and alphabet agency intelligence, and it is authorized and operated by the highest levels of authority.

Let’s look at what really happened with President Trump. This is exactly what the Senate Intelligence Committee will discover, using deductive logic, deep background sources and straightforward reasoning. What happened is not technically a wiretap, but it is data intercepted by alphabet agencies.

Collusion overseas with British GCHQ occurred, illegally. The subject was data intercepts that GCHQ had on Trump Tower, with the purpose of derailing his administration, and this information was disseminated by authority at the very highest level to certain senior Obama staffers. This was an illegal act.

Donald Trump is 100% correct that illegal access and monitoring were happening in order to destroy his candidacy. This will come out. Trump has initiated this new investigation in his own manner via Twitter, a very good way to start the process, actually.

Trump knows there is no evidence whatsoever about Russian influence—there were no advisers, no financial interaction and no front companies involved. None at all. This is why Trump is giving the go-ahead to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

It appears then that the highest levels at the White House then gave the green light to intelligence officials to use GCHQ sources in a seditious manner against the incoming Trump administration. This is the real story. This is what the Senate Select Committee will find out and release. Ask yourself this question: Was there someone at the White House who controlled the NSA? This will cause a flurry of indictments at the highest level. This is Watergate on steroids; it’s very serious. We are at one minute to midnight.

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