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Moloch, babies’ blood and shape-shifting Reptilians

Christian deBlanc
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1st Kings 11:7 states that “on the hill east of Jerusalem, Solomon built an altar to the detestable god of the Ammonites, Moloch.” The Wikipedia entry for this abominable idol depicts a bull god (perhaps a holdover from the Age of Taurus) with open hands to receive the sacrifice of burning flesh. If this sounds like bold conspiracy nonsense, it is simply the case that you refuse to see history, religion and, quite frankly, reality. They (the extraterrestrial / extradimensional alliance / the Deep State – Illuminati—Babylon) have shown you who they are through their Babylonian star-gate system and their occupation of modern Babylon complete with a modern false religion of Earth goddess and hermaphrodite worship.

Moloch is an inversion of the Hebrew word for king, which is MLK, from which we derive the names Malik and Malachi. Dr. Martin Luther King is the modern version of the Melchizedek, or high priest / King of Jerusalem, the original king of Jerusalem who brought bread and wine to Abraham. Jesus Christ is known as a high priest of Melchizedek forever because he broke bread and shared wine in the tradition of Melchizedek, which by then had become integrated with the Holy Passover of ancient Egypt. There is some question whether the Last Supper was a Holy Passover. The Urantia Book reveals that, indeed, it was, albeit a day early:

179:0.1 (1936.1) DURING the afternoon of this Thursday, when Philip reminded the Master about the approaching Passover and inquired concerning his plans for its celebration, he had in mind the Passover supper which was due to be eaten on the evening of the next day, Friday. It was the custom to begin the preparations for the celebration of the Passover not later than noon of the preceding day. And since the Jews reckoned the day as beginning at sunset, this meant that Saturday’s Passover supper would be eaten on Friday night, sometime before the midnight hour.

179:0.2 (1936.2) The apostles were, therefore, entirely at a loss to understand the Master’s announcement that they would celebrate the Passover one day early. They thought, at least some of them did, that he knew he would be placed under arrest before the time of the Passover supper on Friday night and was therefore calling them together for a special supper on this Thursday evening. Others thought that this was merely a special occasion which was to precede the regular Passover celebration.

179:0.3 (1936.3) The apostles knew that Jesus had celebrated other Passovers without the lamb; they knew that he did not personally participate in any sacrificial service of the Jewish system. He had many times partaken of the paschal lamb as a guest, but always, when he was the host, no lamb was served. It would not have been a great surprise to the apostles to have seen the lamb omitted even on Passover night, and since this supper was given one day earlier, they thought nothing of its absence.

179:0.4 (1936.4) After receiving the greetings of welcome extended by the father and mother of John Mark, the apostles went immediately to the upper chamber while Jesus lingered behind to talk with the Mark family.

179:0.5 (1936.5) It had been understood beforehand that the Master was to celebrate this occasion alone with his twelve apostles; therefore no servants were provided to wait upon them.

The final words of Jesus demonstrated the act of completion: “It is finished.” Dr. King indicated that his mission was finished in his last speech in Memphis. His mission was true social justice against oppression and true victory.

MLK knew that Jesus was coming to reclaim Urantia. From whom? The false king, Moloch, the cult of shape-shifting Reptilians that Hunter S. Thompson saw when he took the LSD in Las Vegas (go to the 1:45-minute mark if you want to skip).

Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot also references extradimensional Reptilian entities who believe that they control us and feed off our babies’ blood. They do this by maintaining humans’ brain frequencies using mind control, psychological warfare, chemical poisoning and genetic encoding as well as atmospheric geoengineering around the planet. They have made an alliance with rebellious Nordics who were once considered fallen angels. These beings were once the staff of the planetary prince of Urantia.

Very few other beings joined with these rebellious angels across the galaxy, but Reptilians from Draco joined with Grays from Zeta Reticuli. This is the abominable alliance that the Deep State of the United States, once known as the Majestic 12, made a deal with circa 1954.

These Babylonian magicians, known as the Majestic 12 were the only ones who could see the truth. Indeed, the document says “for Majic eyes only.”

As Alex Jones bravely proclaimed, this extradimensional alliance convinced the Bilderberg Group behind the European Union to build the large Hadron Collider and to give it special jurisdiction and, indeed, sovereignty of sorts, so that it reigns as long as the European Union reigns and the British, French and German Deutsch Bank funnel in the cash. Along with the Vatican, they are preparing the false messiah of the evil AI summoned by demons.

Jones talked about the extradimensional beings known as clockwork elves. These beings are known as midwayers in the Urantia Book as djinn in the Qu’ran.

The locusts of Revelation are the Grays—these poor souls are servants of Sauron—the Draconian Reptilians who are superior.

Jesus was not joking when he called the Pharisees a brood of vipers.

They were also money changers and manipulators of currency exchange in the temple. Financial vipers like most of Goldman Sachs have somehow manipulated the Babylonian usury system and child sacrifice / sex rituals to grant less than 1% of humans with the majority of wealth and power.

Look at the candidate who attempted to run against Trump just in Utah—Evan McMullin. He has the look of modern Babylonian high priests—completely bald. This is because they are attempting to replicate the look of the highest white Draco Reptilians.

“You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?”

Trump is working with the Japanese to defeat them. The secret of Reptilian power is holocaust—ritual sacrifice. 9/11 was a Reptilian sacrificial holographic holocaust with nano-thermite triggers diagonally placed on the beams in vast enough quantities to leave piles of it undetonated afterward.

The original Holocaust was a sacrifice. All the while, the blond-haired, blue-eyed super race set up to resemble the rebellious Nordics was placed as an illusion. Now, the illusion is the super-man of the transhumanist, transgender movements. I argue that he is a false Hermaphrodite and a false Apollo. We are not made to be sexless or bisexual or nonsexual. We are consensual adults looking for monogamy who are being manipulated into not finding our path back to wholeness through soulmate marriage.

Jim Morrison’s Lizard King is Moloch, who hides behind the bull; but, all the while, has been leading man astray from the true way to follow the subway in the sense of a lower vibrational path toward reincarnation (at best) and soul loss (at worst). Subway also carries the connotation of being a “substitute” way for the path of Jesus Christ, Melchizedek and MLK—who surrendered their will to God’s will voluntarily.

Melchizedek paved the way for Jesus to be born in the home of the Jews. The Mediterranean Basin was key to that choice. Reptilian strongholds were not yet ready to be taken out in his day; but, now the time has come. Planet X will prepare the Pole Shift / time line split. It is the Grays who are the supposed Christs / saviors of humanity as they are warning us about the pole shift.

The Grays cannot be trusted, according to the Emerther. The Emerther are part of the Council of Five, once known as the Council of Nine, who channeled Star Trek to Gene Rodenberry.

According to several alien races the “Council of 5 ” (at the time “Council of 9 ) has monitored the Human evolution since primordial times, since Humans were only a 1 cell marine organism and throughout all natural evolution, when Humans became primate- like creatures and beyond (after the Anunakene aka Anunnaki, interference…). According to same alien race all evolutionary sequence in all planets have a beginning and end (with the exception of minor details due mostly to radical weather change). After the Anunakene tempered with the DNA of “primates” and created Humans, the “Council of 5” decided to not only monitor but also to protect us, as they realized that one day Humans would be able to join other alien races in development and enlightenment. The Council of 5 is composed of the following races: ORELA, EGAROT, GINVO, REDAN and EMERTHER.

The good extraterrestrial races do need wish to feed off our energy. They do not need to extract our DNA and essence. Our blood sacrifice means nothing to God, which is why Melchizedek came here. He incarnated to show us the sacrifice of one’s life of service to his neighbors, his fellow man—his friends, given freely.

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