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The new Dark Ages, secret societies and drugs

By Guest Writer David Meade
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President Thomas Jefferson once stated that he “pitied those who thought they knew what was taking place through reading the newspaper.”

Newspapers have played their role well by keeping the public at large entirely blindsided and distracted. In the meantime, you have a series of secret societies that pass along information from generation to generation. Why all of this need for secret societies?

If we are truly ruled by an open, democratic system, why is there a Masonic order in almost every town in the U.S.? How is it that Freemasonry operates out in the open, but keeps its secrets so well hidden?

Why do the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem exist? What about the Round Table and the Club of Rome? It doesn’t make sense.

All the while, churches and teachers are telling us that we have a faulty educational system. Test scores are dropping. In a recent year, the math scores placed the U.S. only #26 worldwide. Our education system is self-destructing. The shadow government does not want your child properly educated.

Newspapers are also gagged. I suggest you try to find any major newspaper that has done an exposé on the Federal Reserve Board, which is about as federal as Federal Express. The plutocracy has been in control, folks. At least until Donald Trump was elected, there was an inner-government that was absolutely rigged.

Let’s look at Big Pharma for a moment. You talk about corruption. Let’s look at Valium. This highly addictive drug costs about $3 per kilo (2.2 pounds). It’s sold to distributors for $20,000 per kilo. The consumer buys it at $50,000 per kilo. It’s used in huge quantities in the U.S. and Europe. It’s possibly the most addictive drug in the world today, with the exception of opium.

Opium is the most habit-forming drug in existence. The Golden Triangle used to be the majority of the world’s supply. Now the Golden Crescent is–this is Iran, Pakistan and Lebanon, including Afghanistan and Turkey.

This drug trade couldn’t function without the complicity of banks. It’s a complicated and very long story, but the short of it is that banks participate by financing front-end companies who import the chemicals needed to process raw opium into heroin. A lot of banks in Hong Kong are involved.

I am personally concerned that IMF agents have the ability to cause a run on any country’s currency. This could be one triggering event to a global economic collapse or an American collapse. The stock market is a mirage. The Federal Reserve is leveraged 77-1 and is technically bankrupt. We are almost at the end. Will the New World attempt to defeat the U.S. through an economic reset?

This New World Order group has been attempting to bring the United States into a new Dark Ages. If Clinton had been elected, it would have all been over. Now with President Donald J. Trump we have a fighting chance. He has one of the highest, if not the highest IQs of any American President and he is a brilliant strategist. The opposition knows this and it appears they are soundly defeated.

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