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Psyops and the New World Order

By Guest Writer David Meade
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It is vitally important to know who the enemy is. No one can fight or win against an unidentified enemy.

Psychological profiling was developed as far back as 1922 on the command of the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA). Major John Reese of the British army was instructed to set up what many believe has become the largest psychological facility in the entire world–the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations in London. It had a core interest in managing Britain’s interests in World War II. You wouldn’t believe the details if I were to relate them to you; just do the research yourself here.

Let’s go back to the Committee of 300 for a moment. It has literally hundreds of think-tanks and front organizations. Its related foundations put out their own magazines and normally hundreds of papers every year. This is not-so-subtle psychological influence and has permeated and corrupted the academic world and their elite. It’s why they are so confused. They cannot think straight.

The Committee of 300 is a sub rosa group. The Latin phrase sub rosa means “under the rose” and is used in English to denote secrecy or confidentiality. The rose as a symbol of secrecy has an ancient history.

The Committee normally issues orders through the Royal Institute for International Affairs. They consider Americans to be “targeted population groups” and they measure by pollsters how much resistance is being generated to their agendas.

So much of the population believes they are well-informed, but what they do not know is that the opinions they believe are not their own. They were in effect created by research institutions and think-tanks. The media delivers the message–the mainstream media–and the public as a rule buys it hook, line and sinker.

I was at a lunch counter the other day and I noticed CNN was on the TV. I said to a lady next to me, pointing at the television, “That’s fake news.” I then said, “I watch Fox.” She replied, “I can’t handle Fox.” Then I responded, “You can’t handle the truth!” I thought of Jack Nicholson in the movie. She looked at me like I had slapped her. I found the incident quite amusing, but it tells a sad story about the dumbed-down populace.

The media would like to brainwash us to give up our right to bear arms and to give up the Constitution. They would commit the treasonous act of allowing the U.N. to exercise control above the Constitution.

Until President Trump was elected, the greatest danger we faced was not from Moscow but from the domestic enemy. They want America weak militarily and to cause that to happen they have done everything possible to destroy the economic base of America. Trump will change those paradigms like lightning.

I like what Pence said at the CPAC convention. He said the elite, the media and its controllers have been running the government. But it was structured originally to run “by the people and for the people” and that’s exactly what Trump is all about. It’s a battle, but it’s the end of the line for the New World Order.

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