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For your eyes only: Planet X / Nibiru and the CIA

By Guest Writer David Meade
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My book is an Intelligence Briefing; it will prepare you spiritually and physically for what is now imminent in the latter part of 2017. If I have ever seen a coded document, it is the Book of Revelation. My book’s purpose is to decode it and bring absolute clarity. The Book of Daniel said it would be decoded in the end times, when knowledge was increased. That’s right now and that’s this book.

Of course, you always have the scoffers. Peter wrote in the Epistles they would exist. These are willfully ignorant people who in fact pride themselves on being ignorant. Paul in the Epistles gave us an instruction here: “If any man is ignorant, let him remain ignorant.” That’s pretty good advice, don’t you think? But, if I were you, I would take heed to the timing revealed in the Book of Revelation; it is unmistakable and clear, once decoded.

World War II was won by the Intelligence agencies–mostly British MI5 and MI6. You have to have a black-ops budget or else only your enemies will have covert Intelligence operations. It’s part of life. In October 1944, a crucial operation for the Allies began in Europe. In that year, a Swedish citizen, Eric Erickson, posed as a Nazi sympathizer in his native country. In reality, he was under contract by MI6. By profession, he was a major supplier and broker of oil.

The Nazis needed, of course, oil for their war machine–their tanks and aircraft. Through his contacts with the Gestapo, Erickson was able to arrange a high-level meeting with none other than Heinrich Himmler. Himmler was a real sweetheart and a charmer. He was Hitler’s head of the German SS. Himmler was taken in by this individual under deep cover and soon granted him authority to visit all of Germany’s oil sites. Erickson took in a wealth of information and then simply turned it over to British Intelligence.

The Allies then began a bombing offensive using this information against German oil immediately prior to their march to Berlin. When the Allied ground offensive actually began in earnest in March of 1945, German tanks and airplanes were immobilized due to lack of fuel.

My book is a world-class Intelligence Briefing unlike any you have ever read. I admire the world’s Intelligence Agencies and I’m one of the few speakers on this topic who will tell you that America is at peace because the CIA is at war. The NSA has amazing monitoring abilities that are likely beyond our imagination and they are using these abilities to protect America from its enemies–foreign and domestic. The basic intent and drive of American intel groups is for the good and for the benefit and protection of our country.

I would reiterate that if the CIA was fully aware of the contents of my book, they should order a copy for each department head. My book reveals the end-game plans of Russia and China, our primary opponents–both military and nuclear superpowers. ISIS is indeed an enemy, but a relatively minor one. Less than a year of cooperation between US and Russian Special Forces can destroy them completely. Our primary enemy is Russia–it’s a clear and present danger.

I cover geopolitics in my book. I cover Planet X. I cover everything.

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