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David Meade appears on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

By Guest Writer David Meade
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From Coast to Coast AM:

A student of astronomy, and economics, author David Meade worked in forensic investigations for major corporations. In the latter half, he related science to Bible prophecy and shared his contention that Planet X (a cluster of objects including the planet Nibiru) is heading our way in 2017, and there’ll be calamitous earth changes in its wake. Meade said a French astronomer sent him a “hidden movie” from his observatory of what he called a “mini-solar system,” which first alerted him to the possibility of Planet X, and this was then reiterated in the videos of John Moore, who said he interviewed Navy veterans warning about sea level rise and the need to be away from the coastlines during the passing of a rogue planet.

Meade has concluded that the prophetic Book of Revelation actually foretells the apocalyptic arrival of Planet X in our time period and he added that Bible Code expert Rabbi Glazerson also backs a similar timeline. Meade also cited the ancient Nebra sky disk, produced in the Bronze age 3,827 years ago, as depicting a daytime eclipsed sun, and pole shift, indicating the last passage of Planet X. A pole shift will create massive tsunamis, violent ocean rises, and extreme winds and volcanism, he outlined, adding that people should have a “bug-out” plan to survive a disaster and get at least 500 feet above sea level, and a couple hundred miles inland.

Listen to interview beginning at 1:16:36

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