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Did Trump become president to try to survive Planet X apocalypse?

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
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I want to run by all of you the following possibility. (Responsible and cordial responses will be welcomed.)

I have been watching the elections very closely from the beginning and I wondered why a man like Donald Trump would give up running his many businesses worldwide to become president, as from what I can tell he loves to be in complete control of said businesses. He is handing the reins to his children and he will not have a say in the activities during his role as president. His tweets have created a flurry of discord with the Democratic Party who seem to despise him. Boy, what a distraction for all Americans; but I want you to open your minds to the possibilities of an alternative reason for him doing what he is doing.

Due to the fact that Planet X will arrive in the near future, you can bet that his business, like all the others, will be no longer, so he actually has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Being president will now secure him and his family a safe haven once the SHTF.

Before he even becomes president he has managed anger Mexico with the wall and the trade agreement. He has China up in arms with the one China agreement and the bases they have built. NATO is another issue as Trump feels they are not effective and I think he is right. Trump also said that our allies are not contributing enough money for the cost of being in the Middle East and other countries and he is right.

He has angered most of Europe. Britain does not even want him in the their country. He has Americans concerned about healthcare and he says that everyone will have affordable healthcare. He is targeting the drug companies and the auto industry and all of this is happening before he takes office.

CNN has taken the bait, as the other major networks have, and the plan is working by having everyone on the edge of their seats wondering what will come out of his mouth next and what he will do once he takes the seat in the Oval Office. There has never been a president-elect who has behaved this way in the entire history of the US and any leader worldwide, except maybe Putin.

It is like watching a soap opera — utter crap. Don’t get me wrong, though, because I think that if Hillary had gotten in there would be a lot of people going missing or accidentally dying. I think she is sneaky and not trustworthy.

I am not saying that I am right. I just wanted people to step outside of the box and look at other scenarios that could be a possibility. Eyebrows around the world have been raised and no one really knows what he will do next. Could he take us to World War 3? That also is a great possibility. He certainly is angering a lot of world leaders. In a way, I find it comical to watch, as I have never seen any leader behave in such a manner; it could be very dangerous.

He has managed to create havoc around the world and also domestically, so I am wondering if the government wants riots in the streets so they can declare martial law. I could be wrong but, again, I am hinting out of the box for a possible scenario.

Everyone is on edge and I can’t believe an incoming president is behaving in such a way without an alternative reason. Civil unrest is already brewing and it will be interesting to see how this plays out. The news media has certainly taken the bait and CNN has every so-called expert trying to analyze what Trump is up to. People are very nervous, as I am, because he has great potential to affect the entire world.

So I ask you, where the hell are we going? What is the real alternative reason in creating such discord? Are Russia and China just playing along as they also know that Planet X is getting closer? Is this the greater plan for complete control of the world’s population? Just a thought.

Donald has a huge ego and can’t resist arguing with people on Twitter, especially if they say he did not win the presidency fairly, and that Russia had an influence over the outcome.

I am sure I will get lots of comments and I just want to ask you to keep them constructive and civil. Thank you.

Well, stay safe and stock up on supplies. DDD signing off.

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