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Elites’ end-times strategy: geopolitical shift before geophysical shift

By Guest Writer Diamond Star Research

With the “election” of Donald Trump, people went into another false security mode, seeing things through “rose-colored glasses” – thinking this man was the answer to prayers; that he will do the “will of the people” and restore America. Not so!

The Donald Trump presidency is simply “Plan B” of the New World Order – a strategy put forth by the Rockefeller clan and Kissinger Associates to bolster their failing power-hold over the world. Under “Plan A” (the Obama Administration), huge losses in world power were occurring in various regions of the world, mainly in the Euro-Asia sector. Indeed, a loss of essential geopolitical power has been occurring over huge parts of the world. The main reason for this loss of power (and, hence, loss of control) was due to the rise in recent years of Christian Russia and the alliances it has been forming with Iran, Syria, China and India.

These alliances are causing problems for the Rockefeller – Kissinger – Bush cartel. The Trump presidency is their answer to this problem, but for we, the common people, is a most dangerous deception. It most certainly is not a “grass roots” revolution of the “silent majority” but a new strategy working out of the back door  to save their New World Order power structure.

Trump, a billionaire himself, is filling his Cabinet with other billionaires and powerful, influential generals (see link above). As the Trump Administration forms, the emerging picture is not a good one: It is the orchestration of the Rockefeller’s chief strategist, Henry Kissinger. It is always good to keep an eye on this man and his activities, for he is one of the primary movers of the New World Order. It is his geopolitical strategy for the coming closing and cataclysmic years of this age that we must be aware of and concerned about.

The main force to be reckoned with that is opposed to the New World Order is Putin and the rise of Christian Russia. This is why the Rockefeller-Kissinger-controlled media has such a hatred of Vladimir Putin and Russia. You never hear the truth about Putin or Russia from the controlled mainstream media.

Beyond this, Kissinger’s geopolitical strategy is to cause trouble and division between Russia and her allies to weaken their power and influence, while at the same time strengthening their (NWO’s) power base. This is called “balancing of power.”

Will this geopolitical power shift be enough and in time before the coming geophysical pole shift of the Earth’s axis? The Nemesis/Nibiru system is getting closer and hiding this system is a top priority but becoming more difficult to do so.

Operation Skyfold is the most secret black-ops program there is and deals with various plans to modify the weather to make things appear more “normal.” Also, it is used as “weather warfare” against Earth’s population, as well as to cover up evidence or signs of the approach of the Nemesis/Nibiru system.

The Nemesis/Nibiru system is having a greater and greater effect on Earth’s weather and seismicity. A Nibiru pole shift will be felt more and more – the “tipping point” is imminent. This is why the Elite are having a geopolitical shift in strategy: to prepare for the coming cataclysmic geophysical shift of the poles.

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