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2017: Kabbalah, Planet X, CERN and the tip of the spear

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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There is no knowledge that is not symbolized by the Kabbalah. To be clear, though, the Kabbalah is more than just the Tree of Life and the Zohar; rather, to my mind, like the Ka’ba, it is a representation of the containing function of all matter—the House of God. However, the Flower of Life is a more ubiquitous image of the Kabbalah than the Ka’ba (which is the cube). Unlike the Ka’ba, the Flower of Life contains all mathematical systems and modes of measurement and creation.

Flower of Life

The Tree of Life, as well as Metatron’s cube, can be created or constructed by connecting the dots and joining the lines.

Drunvalo Melchizedek has revealed this information for many years and it goes to show how all religions derive from a creation myth that can be depicted using the flower of life. Religions also discuss a rebirth of higher spirituality after a fall of consciousness into materiality. We must build or construct a personality as a Mer-Ka-bah or light-spirit-body.

Masonry is entirely based on the Kabbalah, which it derived from a mixture of Egyptian and Hebrew / Judaic sources, and which it used to craft a system using the craft as a metaphor.

The numbers 3, 7 and 10 all play a significant role in the three monotheistic religions as well as in Hinduism where Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva epitomize the cycle of creation, each with a magnificent consort. To ascribe personalities and physicality using symbolism is a masterful stroke; but, this can be disastrous if we do not reintegrate the three back into one generative principle that is symbolized by the “G” in Free Masonry and Brahma.

Ganesh also seems relevant here, as a manifestation of how the generative principle, God, can remove all obstacles. “To make the path straight before the Lord.” Using only breath, will and memory, we are able to transcend physicality by yoking ourselves to the Tree of Life and climbing up to the Godhead once we sacrifice the desires of our heart.

This article makes it wonderfully clear that the knowledge of the Kabbalah is a prerequisite for understanding the occult.

The twin pillars of the Tree of Life reflect Solomon’s twin pillars. The dual cerebral hemispheres of the brain are depicted along with the legs of the Immortal God setting foot upon the Earth. Boaz is the left hand, lunar pillar, while Jachin (God establishes) is the right hand, solar pillar.

Inversion of the sacred Tree of Life into a perverted image is the fundamental symbol for the Illuminati’s method of turning man into a beast and destroying the church of Christ.

Do you think it is a coincidence that Christchurch, New Zealand has suffered multiple damaging earthquakes?

Strange lights and unusual ionospheric activity is an earmark of the HAARP / CERN geoengineering system.

I used to believe HAARP was acting alone with the low planetary magnetics and warm ocean waters being sufficient for HAARP to help steer storms and trigger earthquakes. However, after seeing the image of Hurricane Matthew on radar …

… it became clear to me something even more foul than I had anticipated was truly afoot. Astonishingly, Port-au-Prince (another nod to Jesus Christ), Haiti has been hit by a debilitating earthquake as well as suffering the brunt of this odious and ominous manufactured Frankenstorm.

To be clear, I am saying that HAARP is involved in geoengineering and the manufacturing of calamitous weather and seismic events.

I hope New Zealand does look up. Cleary, China looked up and could see the inverted Aurora Borealis effect of HAARP’s activation just prior to the Sichuan Province earthquake; and, as I noted in a previous article, trumpet sounds are proclaiming the reformation of the Kingdom of God, the invisible kingdom manifesting as the New Jerusalem.

These seven years are a Tribulation for spiritual Israel—the united servants of Christ—to come together and let go of the shackles of secularism without sacrificing our individual rights as citizens of nation-states. The nation-state is not all powerful; but, neither is a global government of United Nations. We the people are boss.

The inversion of the Holy Family held within the heart of every man, woman and child is an all-powerful state or one world government—the New World Order system.

The “three in one” that is the Trinity is not the end-all, be-all, however. Allah as the One Father or One Eternal Generative Principle is beyond all and All in All, so, “God is great,” is not inaccurate. It is Satan’s game to promote Albert Pike’s vision of a third world war between Islam and Christianity, so that Satanism can take root afterward.

Planet X is just the tip of the spear of a Brown Dwarf Star, Nemesis, and its system. We the people are the tip of the spear in the awakening of mankind to the reality of the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father.  The generative principle of Masonry needs to be reintegrated with the one true God.

Okay, so now the truth is that CERN is opening up gateways or, stargates, to release interdimensional beings from their sad estates. CERN’s promotional materials, including the symphonic, thematic and the tunnel-unveiling, are all clues that the fallen angels mentioned in Genesis are being liberated for a short time prior to their judgment by the Ancient of Days. At that point, the wrath of the Lamb will be unstoppable. I believe that we have seven years for everyone to reject the Lucifer Rebellion and that self-righteous, egotistic exultation that it embodies.

Planet X and its accompanying moon are the red and blue Kachinas, respectively. However, they are merely the tip of a spear of the Nemesis system that is very near Earth.

The Vatican’s Lucifer telescope is watching the encroaching system and this Petrus Romanus is soon to be dethroned by the real Lamb of God—Jesus.

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