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Before the inauguration – Part 2

By Guest Writer David Meade
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It appears obvious that Obama is determined to start World War III. Trump is not sitting in the White House yet. Events are transpiring that threaten the Republic and all of our lives. Will the final spark be a direct confrontation in Syria, the Ukraine or Cyberspace? Obama is not sitting idly by; he is accusing the Russians of having influenced the election and, since the New World Order lost, this makes them desperate.

In terms of alleged Russian hacking, Trump states, “There is no evidence” and I agree with him. Unless the psyops department of one of the Intel agencies generates false flag information, of course. But right now obviously it’s an unsupported claim. Nevertheless, both sanctions and threat of covert action have been initiated by Obama.

Various establishment (New World Order globalist) senators agree (of course) with Obama’s crazed strategy, which is leading us to the brink of war. This is just a bald assertion by the New World Order group; there is no act or event to justify our actions. The Russians know this was made up as well.

A door to Pandora’s Box is being opened. On the other hand, what the Russians could do might eliminate 90% of American civilians within one year—leaving only 10% of our citizens to forage among the ruins. This belief is backed up by no less than a Congressional commission. A 2004 report by The Presidential EMP Commission was convened to examine the risks of an electromagnetic pulse weapon (EMP) exploding over the continental U.S.

An EMP blast knocks out the power grid, with devastation following: a lack of food, water supplies and power for warmth. If Vladimir Putin fears Trump will not take office, he may implement the ultimate solution to destroy the New World Order. Putin in fact knows he has nuclear superiority—both defensively and offensively. He can also protect 50% of his population.

Our sub captains are gridlocked—without orders from Washington they cannot do anything. An unexpected EMP attack will likely neutralize lines of communication so that nuclear launch codes cannot reach the submarine fleet.

One of the key issues is that Putin may feel pressured to act right now or lose.

We are most vulnerable right now

Peter Pry wrote a book: The Long Sunday.

In this book, he states that just like the early morning hours of Sunday, December 7, 1941, we are not on alert. Pry has testified in fact before Congress, though I don’t believe a lot of them got the message. He said America is NOT ready to go to war. Our guard is down.

Quoting from Pry’s short book bullet points that explain the situation succinctly:

  • U.S. conventional and nuclear forces have become “hollow” from long underinvestment in their modernization and basic maintenance.
  • The U.S. Army has shrunk to its lowest level of active duty soldiers since before World War II.
  • The U.S. Navy, according to former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, has the “smallest number of ships since 1915.”
  • The U.S. Air Force, according to Defense Secretary Panetta, “is the smallest Air Force in its history.”
  • U.S. strategic nuclear weapons are decades old and obsolete compared to brand new missiles and new generation nuclear weapons being deployed by Russia and China.
  • The U.S. has ceded to Russia and China a virtual monopoly in tactical nuclear weapons, retaining only some 180 aged gravity bombs stored in European NATO, while Russia has an estimated 3,000-8,000 tactical nuclear weapons for battlefield and theater use.
  • North Korea makes more nuclear weapons every year than the United States, which prohibits itself from making more nuclear weapons or replacing old weapons with new designs.
  • European NATO has become so militarily “hollow” that RAND and the U.S. Defense Department estimate Russia could roll over NATO’s frontline states in Poland and the Baltics in 60 hours. “President Vladimir Putin himself has said that Russian troops could be in five NATO capitals in two days,” according to former Defense Department official Keith Payne.

A singular EMP attack over the heartland of the U.S. is relatively simple from a logistical standpoint. You don’t need a super-accurate guidance system. You don’t need the logistic problems with an ICBM. It is far easier to create and launch an EMP attack than any other type of attack and the consequences are devastating.

It explodes 30 kilometers above the ground, so there is no debris to disclose who launched it. Radars, satellites and their downlinks are all destroyed. The attacker can remain largely anonymous. Forensic analysis cannot identify the perpetrator—there are no fingerprints.

An EMP attack is the ultimate cyber-weapon. In fact, some believe for purposes of strategy it might be combined with an attack upon half a dozen main coastal cities.

While we challenge Russia with words, Putin knows he can destroy all electronics with an EMP. Russia, China and North Korea all have EMP weaponry. North Korea has a satellite with EMP weaponry crossing the U.S. daily. We are a society built on electronics. We will not survive without the power grid. We must prepare ourselves individually and appropriately.

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