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2017: The Tribulation cometh — the Church in eclipse

By Guest Writer Diamond Star Research

On December 29, 2016, Diamond Star Research was featured on TradCatKnight Radio for almost an hour and a half. This program discussed the coming Tribulation of these End Times that will be triggered by the now incoming Planet X system.

2017 will see some very dramatic changes and very possibly cataclysmic events.

2017 is the year of the apocalyptic sign of the Virgin–September 23rd.

2017 is the 100-year anniversary of the apparitions of Fatima which foretold of this coming Planet X-induced cataclysmic Tribulation period that is also foretold in the Bible.

2017 is the year the New World Order has marked as the year to have their mark of the Beast system in place and ready to be implemented.

2017 is also the year for the coming of the Planet X system into ours, according to what Father Malachi Martin told Art Bell on his Coast to Coast AM radio program in 1997.

This same thing was reiterated by UFO researcher and whistleblower Bob Dean–that this is the arrival time of Planet X. Even remote viewer, Major Ed Dames, indicated that Planet X would be naked-eye visible in December 2017. [See: Seven Signs the End is Imminent: Nemesis-Nibiru Near]

The situation in the world is growing ever more critical and darker as the spiritual darkness is deepening the eclipse of the Church.

Antipope Francis is preparing for the rise of the Antichrist and his False Prophet.

A pole shift seems imminent as the geophysical poles are now shifting to a degree beyond the normal wobble.

Earth changes show a marked increase in recent months, as does volcanic activity. This and more is happening when the Earth change cycle is supposed to be in a lull period.

So get alerted to what is now happening and listen to the TradCatKnight radio program and prepare for what is coming. (The information on Planet X starts at approximately the 26-minute mark.)

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