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40 million just informed of Planet X / Nibiru 2017 arrival

By Guest Writer David Meade
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I have a Google Alert on my personal email–and I just got one today that’s really quite interesting. The title of the article: Planet X/Nibiru: Researcher Claims New ‘Overwhelming Evidence’ Doomsday Will Occur In 2017 — ‘Authorities Keeping Public In The Dark’

What makes this article very interesting is its source and the extent of its worldwide distribution. Here’s a brief description of the source:

Inquisitr is an aggregate news and media website owned by Daniel Treisman, an Israeli businessman who relaunched the website in 2011. The site views itself as a ‘multi-news  aggregator’ that publishes both trending news and original articles. The news website caters to a global audience, and its newly introduced slogan is “News Worth Sharing.”

The website states that it is an “internationally recognized news website read by more than 40 million unique visitors each month.”

What makes this even more interesting is that the researcher is David Meade–myself–described by their editor as a “paranormal researcher.” That’s fine–a good description as far as I’m concerned. Planet X News has been mentioned within the article as well. Let’s take a brief look at the introduction to the article:

A paranormal researcher has claimed that new “overwhelming evidence” has emerged from scientific and biblical sources that the long-anticipated arrival of Planet X/Nibiru will occur in September-October 2017. The researcher has issued an urgent warning to the world that arrival of the dreaded planet will have catastrophic consequences for humanity.

According to paranormal researcher David Meade, author of the book “Planet X — The 2017 Arrival,” evidence of Planet X’s approach comes from scientific as well as biblical sources. Other sources include ancient and geological history. Geological history spanning millions of years shows that major asteroid and comet impacts have caused global catastrophe in the past, according to Meade.

Meade claims that research shows that the North Pole used to be located in the middle of Arizona but cataclysmic changes in the past moved it to its present position.

“We live on a cataclysmic planet,” Meade writes on the website Planet X News. “There is no hiding this incoming solar system any longer!”

According to Meade, Planet X is actually the parent star of a solar system consisting of “seven orbiting bodies.” The dark star Planet X, also called “Nemesis,” is much smaller than our Sun. Some of the orbiting bodies are smaller than our Moon while some are larger than Earth. One of the seven orbiting bodies is a large blue planet, much larger than Earth, called “The Blue Kachina.” Another name for The Blue Kachina is “Nibiru,” according to Meade.

The article is quite a bit more thorough and longer and can be viewed in its entirety here.

I guess this is one of the miracles of the 12 days of Christmas that we’re in. We all just got amazing worldwide recognition and distribution! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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