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Donald Trump just defeated the New World Order

By Guest Writer David Meade
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The New World Order and New World Religion is the exact opposite of the Old Age Religion, meaning the Bible and the belief systems of the Jewish people, and all Christians. The Founding Fathers had this Old Age Religion as the basis for our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. They espoused inalienable rights including freedom of worship and the right to private property.

The term “self-evident” that they used was a cornerstone of civilization. Self-evident means that these rights to property and freedom were not even worthy of debate because of their obvious basis in truth.

Something strange occurred when Donald Trump began winning over all of the anointed candidates of the New World Order: the talkers became known for their true colors–globalists.

The sealed southern border was not a priority for any of them. They want a country which allows unvetted and dangerous people in simply because they claim a refugee status. Refugee status means returning to your country of origin; however, that is doubtful. Once in the country, they are free to move state to state and without any monitoring whatsoever.

These New World Order people are known by their beliefs–they are all against tariffs. Well, NAFTA destroyed 70,000 U.S. manufacturing plants. That is a huge number. So much for free trade.

Donald Trump wants other countries that utilize America’s services to pay up for the security we provide them. Andrea Mitchell, a paid spokeswoman for the globalists, says “Trump has no foreign policy credentials.” Guess what? He literally predicted the Brussels attacks!

If you look at Trump’s website, you’ll see he has a Page called Positions. It has a drop-down box that lists with a multitude of detail his positions on every critical issue. Topics covered include cybersecurity, the economy, the Second Amendment, defeating ISIS and foreign policy, healthcare, infrastructure, immigration, taxes, trade, national defense and many more.

Under Foreign Policy, his bullet points include:

  • Defeat the ideology of radical Islamic terrorism, just as we won the Cold War.
  • Establish new screening procedures and enforce our immigration laws to keep terrorists out of the United States.
  • Suspend, on a temporary basis, immigration from some of the most dangerous and volatile regions of the world that have a history of exporting terrorism.

Trump’s detailed plan to defeat ISIS is a 20-page PDF document appended to the main Web site. And remember: Trump is appointing very smart people (and not politicians or lawyers) to carry out his plans.

The NY Times and Wall Street Journal were blatantly against Trump–past tense. Now the NY Times is having to rent out additional floors in order to financially survive and the Wall Street Journal is taking out paid ads to try to increase their lost subscription base.

The libertarians believe in open borders and a free market economy, the same beliefs that have led to the current disastrous results. What happened to national sovereignty? Trump even made Ted Cruz look like a liberal Clinton. He wanted a soft amnesty and visa program; he wanted to rubber stamp the globalist agenda. Were there hidden motives?

Trump says there are always hidden motives unless the other side is supremely ignorant. He calls the hidden motives “corruption.” They’ve been bought out, in other words. Cruz proves there are globalists even within the Republican Party, though I have a feeling their number is fast diminishing.

We now have an American, populist and nationalist independent party under Trump that puts Americans first–and this organization has defeated the mainstream media as well. It’s a revolution of ideas. Now we need to back up Trump once he is inaugurated in order to defeat the globalist agenda.

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