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The shadow of Dallas: Looking through the looking-glass darkly

By Guest Writer David Meade
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In memoriam to my stepfather, who took the JFK autopsy photos, I’d like to write one article about the JFK conspiracy. It has elements not unlike the current investigative status of Planet X—a variety of legends, covers, psyops and disinformation exist. The comparisons are striking.

The single most important piece of evidence of conspiracy was that trained U.S. Army Intelligence units were told their assistance was not needed in Dallas during the JFK trip. William McKinney, a former member of the 112th Military Intelligence Group at 4th Army Headquarters, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, went public and stated that both Col. Maximillian Reich and his deputy, Lt. Col. Joel Cabaza, protested “violently” when they were told to “stand down” rather than report with their units for duty in support of the Secret Service in Dallas. All the Secret Service had to do was nod and then these units, who had been trained at the Army’s top Intelligence school at Camp Holabird, Maryland, would have performed their normal function of protection for President Kennedy in Dallas.

The motorcycle escort was reduced to only four men, who were instructed to ride behind the rear wheels of the limousine. Two agents stayed with the plane at Love Field. Open windows along the route remained opened. Manhole covers were not welded shut. The crowd simply spilled over into the street.

Then the vehicles were in the wrong sequence. The Lincoln was first—it should have been in the middle. Any security expert would have detected this level of breach of protocol.

The route was changed only days before the arrival and included a turn of more than 90 degrees—a violation of Secret Service protocol. After bullets were fired, the driver pulled the limo to the left and actually slowed down. At the hospital, a bucket of water and a sponge were used to wash and clean up the crime scene.

The limousine was returned to Ford and on November 25th it was stripped to metal and rebuilt. The windshield had a through-and-through bullet hole in it, noticed by officials at Parkland. It was replaced.

David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D., has proven JFK was hit four times—in the throat from in front, in the back from behind and twice in the head both from in front and behind. Connally was hit at least once from the side—as he was turning to the left—and at least one shot had missed. That’s six shots—not the official three. That proves conspiracy.

The purpose of the disinformation operation in the death of JFK was not really to convince the public of the official account. It just created enough uncertainty to make nothing knowable. A hastily but clumsily written disinformation report, authored by the Warren Commission, superseded any real investigations.

JFK, while in office, had transitioned from a traditional cold warrior into a statesman for peace, which threatened the status quo. He was about to take action on the oil depletion allowance, threatening major Texas oil interests. He had refused to invade Cuba, thus going against the advice of the Joint Chiefs. He was engaging a Vietnam withdrawal, which is a war many profiteers wanted. He also spoke against empowering Israel with nuclear capability.

Kennedy was going to reform or abolish the FED and, perhaps most important of all, he was going to “shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces.” This statement that he released may have been the fatal one.

Finally, when New Orleans District Attorney Garrison tried Clay Shaw, the judge ruled out key evidence which indeed did tie him to his true identity and the crime itself. It was commonly known in New Orleans that Clay Shaw used the alias Clay Bertrand. A massive disinformation campaign was mounted by the Justice Department to quash Garrison and 17 witnesses mysteriously died before they could testify.

Clay Shaw, under the name of Clay or Clem Bertrand, was overheard planning the assassination of President Kennedy with David Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald, during the middle of September, 1963, in New Orleans. Garrison produced a witness who told a three-judge criminal district court panel on March 14, 1967, that he heard Lee Harvey Oswald, Clay Shaw and David Ferrie plotting to assassinate President John F. Kennedy.

Perry Raymond Russo, 25, an insurance salesman and from Baton Rouge, testified he was in Ferrie’s apartment in New Orleans in September, 1963, and overheard a discussion of how to kill Kennedy and make a getaway. Russo said the plot involved “triangulation of crossfire,” diversionary shooting and the sacrificing of one man as a patsy to allow the others to escape.

Undoubtedly, they reported to higher authorities, but Shaw’s involvement with the CIA speaks for itself. It was revealed years later that he was a contract agent for the CIA. There’s no doubt who the higher authorities were. President Kennedy was not the first target of the Permindex Assassination Bureau—a French Intelligence dossier on the company singled it out as funneling $200,000 to the OAS in the attempted assassination of de Gaulle a year earlier.

Oliver Stone was very close in his movie, but he didn’t name names. For the amazing details of how far down the rabbit hole this money laundering went and who were the principals behind it, just read The Permindex Dossier, a Lyndon LaRouche study. It reveals the secrets of the JFK mystery that have been withheld from the public for decades. It reveals everything.

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