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The Illuminati and Planet X / Nibiru

By Guest Writer David Meade
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The next 50 days is the most critical time period that has ever existed in the history of the United States. The globalist, New World Order agenda has been soundly defeated and they know it. They have been totally exposed. The fact that six of their corporations control the media is known to all. They are dishonest and seeking a hidden agenda.

The goals of the New World Order started in 1776. According to  Wikipedia:

On May day 1776 Johann Adam Weishaupt founded the “Illuminati” in the Electorate of Bavaria. He adopted the name of “Brother  Spartacus” within the order.

The New World Order has moved behind the scenes ever since. It had its hand in everything from the French Revolution to the establishment of the secret and private so-called Federal Reserve.

In August of 1910 Senator Nelson Aldrich sent his private railroad car to the New Jersey Railway Station to rendezvous with six other men who were instructed to come under conditions of great secrecy. They were told not to be seen together – two of the men adopted code names. Absolute secrecy was essential. The train traveled for two days and nights, and ended at Brunswick, Georgia. They then proceeded to Jekyll Island.

For years they denied this meeting took place until after the Federal Reserve was established. Of course we know the Federal Reserve is about as federal as Federal Express. It is a private consortium of international banks. Aldrich was the grandfather of Nelson Rockefeller. The Rockefellers are proxies of the Rothschilds in America. The Federal Reserve is an unaudited, unaccountable organization of private international banking interests. This organization, often referred to as “The Creature From Jekyll Island,” was established at this meeting.

Fast forwarding – in August, 1990, President George H.W. Bush condemned the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. He solemnly declared, “This invasion threatens the New World Order.” He was a believer in the New World Order system, which incorporates belief in a single ruler (of the world), a single currency and a single religion, all enforced by the RFID chip system.

The New World Order has destabilized relations with Russia. The U.S. launched a ground-based missile defense system in Romania, right on the Russian border. Putin is concerned it could turn nuclear and offensive at a moment’s notice, totally upsetting the “geopolitical balance of power” that has existed for decades and which has also kept any one superpower from achieving a nuclear or offensive advantage.

Russian President Vladimir Putin warns he’ll retaliate against NATO missiles.

Ukraine was a Playbook CIA coup d’état of the New World Order. Just check the details here.

The New World Order has brought us very close to the brink of nuclear destruction with World War III. Then came along Donald J. Trump. Against the controlled media and psychological operations of the New World Order, his movement succeeded in proportions unlike anything we have ever seen. His instincts have proven amazing and he has taken on the New World Order in his speeches and his policy decisions and Cabinet appointments.

The New World Order has until January 20th. Then they are utterly destroyed as to any real operational capability. This is what makes the next 50 days so utterly unique and amazingly dangerous. They have a few options but at this point I don’t believe they have any serious options. They would need an incident that would allow them to declare martial law and use FEMA executive orders to install Obama as a virtual dictator. There is only one event in history that in my opinion could allow this to happen. I cover it in my book Planet X – The 2017 Arrival.

Planet X and its arrival is inextricably bound with the history and future of the United States. Why is the greatest nation on the earth hardly referred to in Bible Prophecy? Why is a world dictator essential to fulfilling Matthew 24, the Book of Daniel and the Apocalypse? These great mysteries are bound around a common thread. If you understand the role of Planet X, you can understand everything.

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