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Planet X, Plato, St. Paul and Patanjali: Unyoking the spiritual man from the ego with help from Wormwood

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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Planet X is real, make no mistake about it. It is being hidden, so to speak, by the heavier gas giants, Saturn and Jupiter, so that its influence is not being forcefully exerted upon the smaller spheres of the inner solar system—Earth, Mercury and Venus. However, as wheat must eventually be separated from chaff come harvest-time, Wormwood is helping the heavier planets to push and pull upon Earth’s socioeconomic and geopolitical institutions, freeing them from corruption and awakening the planetary consciousness as to the imminent threat of terrorism and the larger context of the Lucifer Rebellion.

Lucifer rebelled 500,000 years ago and this planet, along with 36 other planets, were thrown into chaos and terror as we were temporarily cut off from the normal progression of growth on the Tree of Life. Ultimately, it will be Lucifer’s rebels who still have to pay the price and Planet X will bring the promised fire.

Terrorism is fear and it is the fear of fear itself that keeps us from acknowledging Planet X’s proximity. I suppose the best we can do is remind readers that evidence of smaller bodies with odd, elliptical orbits is evidence for a larger body that is visible only in the infrared. To be sure, The Daily Mail remains the most honest, mainstream publication on the subject of Planet X.

Certainly, the positioning of Saturn and Jupiter are crucial with regard to keeping Earth’s orbital plane in alignment with that of its sun, as this article in the Daily Mail noted in 2014.

Astrologically and, indeed, pyscho-spiritually, Saturn and Jupiter represent centripetal and centrifugal forces underpinning progress. Saturn represents rigidity and rules-based thinking that is precedent-oriented, legalistic and bound by the past doctrine, while Jupiter’s influence is demonstrated by flexibility and a benign, merciful outpouring of magnanimous, overflowing abundance. Jupiter is associated with a fiery expanding consciousness of participation in a democracy called the Universal Kingdom of Heaven.

Saturn controls the older, right hemisphere’s hold on our world view and Saturn typically doesn’t allow for new ideas about religion, science or architecture, unless a grand alignment of all the other planets overtakes it, which will finally reach a tipping point in 2017 as the 12 stars crown Virgo with the moon under her feet.

At that point, Earth will begin to give birth to the spiritual man and spiritual woman envisioned by Patanjali and St. Paul and they can help to free the rest of humanity from Plato’s Cave—the mainstream media matrix generated by the elite banks and corporations. Lucifer is counterattacking with his own rebellion that is articulating the world as a false matrix and free-market capitalism and the Christian religion following after Christ are both evil scourges. Of course, Lucifer is himself to be judged for rebellion.

Furthermore, socioeconomic banking establishments and geopolitical establishment networks are heading for a collision course with the will of the people, who want to be free of debt bondage and political tyranny.

The Brexit and Donald Trump’s election were just two examples of Jupiter’s expanding consciousness of participation in a grand democracy overtaking Saturn’s hold on the mainstream media’s regurgitation of political talking points and pseudo-scientific bull.

Plato, St. Paul and Patanjali agree that man is being made Spiritual by walking in the way of Jesus Christ. Jesus said he was “the light, the truth and the way,” even a “living way,” as he conquered death and achieved full sovereignty of this universe, which he had made in accordance with the will of the Universal Father. His day will ever be Sunday, while Saturday was the Israelites’ day of rest and Friday is the Muslim Holy Day.

The Sun is associated with the Son of God, the Eternal Son that Jesus reflects and represents to this local universe. The Sun is reborn in the Northern Hemisphere every year on Christmas, just as it is reborn in the Southern Hemisphere following the summer solstice. Three days is how long the sun stays beneath the equator. The Son absorbed our hate and our fear and our jealousy and our zeal and reflected it back to us in parables and in his treatment of the lowly and sinful among us. Our sun is absorbing the energy of Wormwood’s system and will soon begin to reap this bountiful dispensational harvest.

The rays of the sun feed us cosmic rays that the sun has absorbed. Science magazine has noted that “alien life may potentially feed off cosmic rays.” Other publications, like In5D have pondered the notion that cosmic rays contain activation codes and DNA turns from junk to unique sequences.

That is about as far as I wish to travel on the ponderous line of science. We are clearly evolving as a human species and technology is facilitating adaptation. However, racial admixture and religious accommodation is proceeding more slowly. Our economic approach to evolution seems to be torn between deciding if it is a centralized banking approach that is best or a decentralized nationalism, or perhaps one-world digital socialism that is the ideal environment for the new age nexus that finally brings peace, prosperity and electricity to the world.

The 19th, 20th and 21st centuries have all featured man’s ongoing struggle to become economically self-sufficient so that he or she had time to study and master religion, science, art and raise children.

Presumably, once people relax, it will occur soon that they haven’t given the questions in philosophy much thought. Please allow me to summarize the seminal philosophers of the East and West—Plato, St. Paul and Patanjali.

Plato preceded Jesus Christ and changed the philosophical paradigm of the Mediterranean Basin. He taught that the soul flew from the body at death the same way a dreamer’s personality flies into the dream world as soon as the individual falls asleep. Death is no different, fundamentally, from falling asleep, except that we will wake up somewhere else, somewhere closer to the realm of Pure Being. Plato believed that a realm of pure ideas provided a template for the forms that exist as objects in the real world. Beautiful objects have a closer correspondence to the perfect form of the Idea—“the thing in itself.” Plato’s teachings come in the form of narrative dialogues through the discourse of the philosopher Socrates, who is forced to drink the poison for a false charge of corrupting the Athenian youth. Socrates is the main speaker in the dialogues and he pretty much schools everyone involved.

Plato laid the foundation for an abstract idea of the soul, without the Fatherhood of God, but with a pure realm of beautiful ideas that we tap into mentally while incarnated. Plato’s philosophy mentally encouraged Aristotle to classify and categorize, and inspired Democritus to theorize the atom as the form underlying reality. These insights paved the way for the scientific revolution.

A spiritual revolution became underway circa 33 A.D. when Jesus spoke to St. Paul on the road to Damascus, saying, “Saul, why do you persecute me?” Indeed, Saul later changed his name to Paul and St. Paul became a fervent preacher of the good news of the coming kingdom of Jesus Christ and the Heavenly Father. He spoke of “principalities and powers” and “spiritual wickedness in high places” to make it clear that the enemies of Jesus Christ were not Jews but fallen angels. “A synagogue of Satan” would later become their classification. However, this dark cabal would be opposed by the “Spirit of Truth” that descended upon all flesh during Pentecost. This “Spirit of Truth” told the apostles what to say and had the authority to cast out demons. Paul referred to this “Spirit of Truth” by saying that “not me, but Christ in me” worketh miracles and will provide for my soul’s everlasting life.

Nevertheless, Patanjali’s yoga insights are needed more than ever in the Western world to help bridge the gap between St. Paul, Plato and modern science. Patanjali asserted that spiritual man was being born from psychical man once psychical man (or ego) stopped being narcissistically self-involved and started trying to do “the Father’s will, that is in Heaven.”

Breathing in calmly and breathing out rhythmically and evenly affords the proper baseline brainwave for any kind of meditative endeavor or any kind of scholastic achievement. Moreover, even adventure should also be pursued with an indifferent attachment to any kind of worldly gain. Rather, we should be interested in pursuing “truth for its own sake.” Planet X News continues to try to convey a big picture schema of goings-on, philosophical insights and glimpses into the possible realities of this new era.

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