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With Donald Trump’s election, the ‘Great Awakening’ has begun

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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The amazing and, according to the mainstream media, improbable election of Donald J. Trump has sent shockwaves through the world, with many left tongue-tied and baffled. To be sure, no one at CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post or any of the major offshoots of these giants suspected that social media and the new media would be enough to propel people to come out in droves to vote.

Credit goes to the Wikileaks cache of emails belonging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, which purported to show evidence of pedophilia, child trafficking and bizarre occult rituals simulating blood sacrifice. The Internet was definitely set ablaze by the startling revelations. A clear line of demarcation had been drawn.

Donald Trump had been secretly recorded saying the word “pussy” in the context of describing how girls would climb all over him due to the power, money and charisma he has wielded throughout much of his adult life. To be clear, Bill Clinton had wielded a similar amount of power since being governor and a president. Indeed, he has settled rape cases and has been accused of abuse by women who have remained consistent in their testimony.

Trump’s issues were not in the same stadium as the Clintons, who both belong in prison and not in the White House. The Clinton Foundation is as corrupt as it gets. The Clintons have participated in a money laundering foundation that has only served to enrich its principal beneficiaries—themselves. In exchange, they’ve offered lucrative access to the United States’ uranium to the Russians and missile secrets to the People’s Republic of China. They’ve sacrificed the country’s benefit for their own and NAFTA is no different, nor is the policy of sacrificing Gaddafi. These actions have had the effect of flushing out jobs and fanning the flames of radical Islamic terrorism to flourish.

At any rate, lowering taxes is better than raising taxes and lowering the chances of World War 3 is better than raising the chances of entering World War 3. Voter fraud was up against the will of the people. We saw who won. My money was on the people. You can’t steal a landslide and a lot of people just wouldn’t vote for her, even if they couldn’t stand Trump.

This next paragraph I wrote just around 3 p.m. on Election Day. I cannot resist sharing it now, though some will say it is BS. If it was BS, I wouldn’t admit to being wrong about Colorado.

(Predictions): Florida will go to Trump. Ohio will go to Trump. New York will go to Trump. Texas will go to Trump. Pennsylvania … Hillary barely will be able to claim … and California will prop her up, but it will not be enough when Colorado goes for Trump. Even if she is able to get Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada, Trump’s strong showing in New Hampshire and Michigan will surprise the pundits. To be sure, it will take a high voter turnout to defeat the voter fraud, but it will happen.

Regardless, we are in for a Tribulation followed by a pole shift as Planet X and its Nemesis system slingshots around the Earth after it finally escapes the sun’s orbit. The system will gain escape velocity and come hurtling a mere 20 million miles from Earth. We, as a planet, will turn and roll over as the South Pole becomes the North Pole. This event will take only 28 minutes.

Jesus never alluded to a Rapture event. However, He did refer to the Great Harvest. A “Last Day” or a “Day of Resurrection” is all over the three monotheistic religions. All of the religions based on the dualism of good vs evil / light vs darkness have an implied Judgment Day or Victory Day.

Unfortunately, when it comes down to it, Planet X is hurtling toward Earth with giant wings and a cloud of red iron oxide dust. The “Wrath of the Lamb” is the pole shift event in which the “stars fall like unripe figs” and “who can stand?” I happen to believe that we have seven years of Tribulation in which good will begin to completely separate itself from evil. Evil will de-cloak or uncloak itself before our eyes. We will have to choose. The election will not be rigged this time.

2024, I suspect, will be a tremendous year. This year is coming to a close with terrific, catastrophic events continuing to occur throughout the next seven years until we finally have separated the good from evil and Planet X has passed.

The new spiritual center of the Earth will be Lake Titicaca and the Andes Mountains will become what the Tibetan Plateau and the Kashmir Region has been in terms of spiritual communal retreats. Women will become dominant in the governmental sphere and the right hemisphere will reclaim its balance with the left hemisphere’s dominance.

Men will see their inner females and women will see their inner males. It will be a glorious revelation, no matter how it originally occurs. Earthquakes, volcanic events, tidal waves … these are the by-products of the birthing process of Christ consciousness as we begin to feel our way through Akasha.

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