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Project Black Star Update – Volume 43 (2016)

By Guest Writer Terral “Terral03” Croft
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Seismic and volcanic indicators say that Earth is moving into the peak of the second earth change uptick period for the 2016 Earth Orbit Cycle coming for the second two weeks of November 2016 placing the Black Star between the Sun and Libra Constellation just below the ecliptic plane.

Start Date End Date   # 8+ # 7 # 6 # 5 # 2.5 – 4 Total This Week Week Total This Time Last Year
9/14/2014 9/20/2014 37 0 0 1 27 241 269 247
10/4/2015 10/10/2015 37 0 0 0 19 196 215 254
10/16/2016 10/22/2016 37 0 0 3 19 229 251 260

Week 37 for the 2016 Earth Orbit Cycle shows an uptick in the 6-magnitude earthquake events with three events with focus on seismic/volcanic pressures shifting from Indonesia up through the Philippines and Japan (USGS and USGS) through Kamchatka pushing towards the Aleutians moving north with pressures also shifting east through the Tonga Trench (USGS) with a 6-magnitude event that will show up on next week’s seismic data. My suspicions about the quake swarm area intensifying in Italy last week were right on with the 6.1 quake event (USGS) striking just yesterday representing the second major quake event near this location in the last thirty days (David’s article) that will also show up in next week’s seismic chart data.

2014/2015 Final Seismic Chart

2015/2016 Seismic Chart

The 19 global quake events for Week 37 earned a red value defying trends established in the historical record, as Earth has not seen three consecutive weeks with sub-20 values for these moderate quake events since the Project Black Star Investigation began in January 2011. The current trend represents a warning sign that seismic pressures are building for release moving through the last two weeks of November, when Earth passes behind the Sun relative to the Black Star for solar system electromagnetic/magnetic/gravitational resonation frequency harmonics to come into alignment with the potential to produce a series of large 7-magnitude earthquake events around the globe much like we saw for Weeks 42-46 of the 2015 Earth Orbit Cycle that saw five of these larger-magnitude earthquake events in just a four-week period. The timing of Earth orbital movement through this critical period of the 2016 Earth Orbit Cycle will coincide with our planet moving into and through the Helium Focusing Cone (Wiki + Pic) where highly-charged ionic flows may play a role in amplifying solar system electromagnetic/magnetic harmonic potential approaching the Earth/Sun/Black Star backside alignment creating inner solar system environmental conditions leading to a ‘perfect storm’ scenario producing a flurry of seismic/volcanic events around the globe.

While the claims of Cosmic Ray Danger! (Video) are greatly overstated concerning a Space Weather Threat, our Earth/Sun/Black Star backside-alignment quake events have been running late for a reason from 2013 through 2015. These predicted quake events are backtracking steadily in the direction defined by the predictive modeling and making me believe there is a connection between big quake events at the backside alignment and the way Earth moves through the subatomic particle flows associated with the Helium Focusing Cone; when our planet passes behind the Sun relative to the Ophiuchus Constellation to the left of the Libra Constellation that the Black Star is passing through as we speak. We must pay careful attention to Earth testimony moving through the coming Earth/Sun/Black Star backside alignment for evidence about the timing for reaching outside-orbit position in the middle of February 2017 and the coming Sun/Earth/Black Star nearside alignment currently scheduled for the first week of May 2017. If we see the larger X-class solar flares through this period, they should be launched from the Sun’s eastern limb on consecutive days leading up to the coming backside-alignment quake event currently scheduled for November 28, 2016 from magnetic portal connection convergence and portal-to-portal cross firing. The potential for the largest solar flare of the year comes three days after the backside-alignment quake event from Sun/Earth/Black Star magnetic portal connection divergence, after these portal connections cross and our planet begins the move towards outside-orbit position.

A disturbing seismic pattern shift has taken place at the Oklahoma Quake Swarm Area that you can see from this EQuake3D image (here) showing that average quake event depths are growing to beyond 5 kilometers, as the tectonic/volcanic pressures are shifting around the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire through North America. The highlight earthquake event for this swarm area this week is the 4.0 event (USGS) striking at more than 7 kilometers deep representing a sign of what is coming on the horizon.

Name Location Activity
Bulusan Luzon (Philippines) New
Cleveland Chuginadak Island (USA) New
Ebeko Paramushir Island (Russia) New
Karymsky Eastern Kamchatka (Russia) New
Ulawun New Britian (Papua New Guinea) New

Earth saw five new volcanic eruptions this week with strong focus on the deep/rising magma plume formations shifting pressures from Indonesia (Origination Zone) up through the Philippines, Japan and the Kamchatka Quake Swarm Area over to the Americas (Mount Cleveland Map), as predicted in previous Black Star Update Reports. Two new volcanic eruptions in Russia with the new eruption at Mount Cleveland clearly identifies the seismic/volcanic pressure shift connected to the deep magma plume formation in Earth mantle transition zone pushing into Alaska that eventually drives south along the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire to the US/Canada West Coast later in the timeline. The absence of new volcanic eruption activity along the northern regions of South America, Central America and Mexico indicates that deep rising magma plume activity has slowed, as our planet works to find equilibrium through this period. Be sure to read the Black Star Update Report from Volume 42 (link) and related Featured articles to understand more about how these massive magma plume formations are storehouses for vast amounts of energy contained within ‘buoyancy barriers’ that I believe are responsible for the new volcanic event lull we are seeing from South America up through Mexico. My suspicion is that these buoyancy barriers are being penetrated and that we will see a new grouping of 5-magnitude earthquake events off the coast of Central America moving up through the Mexican West Coast moving through the month of November 2016, as these rising magma plume formations grow horns causing uplifting at certain locations to create an identifiable seismic pattern.

The migrating magnetic North Pole made almost twice the move that we saw for the same week in 2015 and appears to be trailing last year’s position by about 7 days well within the 3 to 12-day window from the growing seismic chart. The prediction that we would see a crossing of the 2014 and 2015 migration paths in October is being tested and will likely happen in the first week of November. We expect the green migration path to reach the top of the chart within a week following the coming Earth/Sun/Black Star backside-alignment quake event scheduled currently for November 28, 2016 give or take a few days.

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