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Project Black Star Update – Volume 42 (2016)

By Guest Writer Terral “Terral03” Croft
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Seismic and volcanic event indicators say that Earth is moving out of the mini-lull period within the current earth change uptick period with higher-than-normal seismic activity coming for the next few weeks, until reaching a peak in the last half of November 2016. All indicators place the Black Star between the Sun and the Libra Constellation regardless of claims made by the WSO boys and the series of videos pertaining to the recent magnetopause collapse from October 13 to October 18, 2016.

Start Date End Date   # 8+ # 7 # 6 # 5 # 2.5 – 4 Total This Week Week Total This Time Last Year
9/7/2014 9/13/2014 36 0 0 1 32 221 254 231
9/27/2015 10/3/2015 36 0 0 0 26 320 346 277
10/9/2016 10/15/2016 36 0 0 1 19 163 183 273

The earthquake chart readings ending on Sunday October 15th reveal extremely-low weekly values for the 5-magnitude and 2.5 to 4-magnitude quake events earning them red values and strong indicators pointing to a big seismic uptick coming that has already started on the Indonesian side of the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire.

2014/2015 Final Seismic Chart

2015/2016 Seismic Chart

Two sub-20 values coming together like we see here for the 5-mag quake events is very rare and generally happens when Earth is near outside-orbit position (O in chart), or during a well-defined earth change lull period; as weekly seismic values are on the decline. These two sub-20 values have earned the red designation due to the fact that Earth is currently moving in the middle of the earth change uptick period that has not happened this way since the investigated started in January 2011 to my knowledge. Seeing sub-200 weekly values for the 2.5 to 4-magnitude indicator earthquake events moving in the center of the current earth change uptick period is also very rare, as we usually see this pattern at or near outside-orbit position on either side of the solar system (February and August for 2016), when the Sun/Earth/Black Star magnetic portal connections are reaching a maximum length; ending a period where the Earth is moving away from the Black Star in natural orbit around the Sun.

The last time we saw two sub-200 weekly values for these smaller indicator earthquake events was from June 28th to July 11, 2015 corresponding to Week 23 and Week 24 of the 2015 Earth Orbit Cycle moving through the first earth change lull period. Take note of those weekly earthquake event values for the following month that show a jump from 199 (Week 24) up to 328 (Week 25) to then drop to 288 (Week 26), until we see the highest value of the year at a whopping 533 for Week 27 with two 7-magnitude quake events striking within this earth change lull period in Week 25 and Week 27. The two sub-20 values for the 5-mag quake events in combination with the sub-200 values for the 2.5 to 4-mag indicator quake events represents an ominous sign pointing to big seismic activity coming on the horizon. Look at this EQuake3D image to gain some idea about what is coming:

This is precisely the kind of earthquake activity we see to start each earth change uptick period on the Indonesian side of the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire being characterized as the “Seismic/Volcanic Origination Zone” in my commentary. The Earth began the current earth change uptick period in the transition from the second to third week in August 2016 where we saw a considerable increase in seismic/volcanic events around the globe. However, something strange has happened over the last few weeks; as if we have seen another tectonic/volcanic reset in the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire. The models are indicating that we have seen seismic/volcanic pressures building for that pressure to be temporarily stored for release later in the timeline in a process that appears to have already started. Here is the best explanation we have today from the evidence:

Volume 28

Rising Magma Plumes Article:

Anyone new to the Project Black Star Research should take the time to read the Featured Article in Volume 28 explaining the Rising Magma Plume phenomenon that is changing everything for the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire and eventually the entire globe.

Behold the Rising Magma Plume Storehouse revealing a pattern of evidence from previous deep earthquake events where this deep magma energy is accumulating over long periods. These recent big/deep earthquake events are adding to the massive storehouse deposit of rising magma that is circling the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire North through the Philippines, Japan and Kamchatka pushing towards the Aleutians and Alaska (not pictured). You are looking at a subterranean view of the rising magma plume activity pushing from Indonesia across Fiji to South America pointing directly at Chile showing a massive magma plume pushing North through the Central American region towards Mexico and the widening California Quake Swarm Area that already includes the bulging Yellowstone Reservoir/Magma Chamber keeping Mary Greeley busy making regular update reports about intense magma intrusion and black smoke rising from Old Faithful. See Mary’s update reports atop the Earth Change Section of this newsletter for more information.

The important point here is that these large/deep-magnitude earthquake events taking place in the Origination Zone are adding magma pressure to the entire rising magma plume formation growing larger with each subsequent earthquake event.



Note that the diagram includes information about ‘buoyancy barriers’ based upon ‘traditional modeling’ that will eventually break down due to nearing Black Star/Earth proximity. We have already seen these large/deep earthquake events jump from Indonesia over to South America with our recent Earth/Sun/Black Star backside-alignment quake event from November 24, 2015 where two 7.6 quake events struck Peru at more than 600 kilometers deep!

My expectation is that we will see an increasing number of these large/deep quake events pushing around the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire allowing the growing magma plume mass to break through these buoyancy barriers that has already caused numerous 5-magnitude earthquake events in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Central American region up to Mexico part of a clear and disturbing seismic pattern.

Name Location Activity
Asosan Kyushu (Japan) New
Bulusan Luzon (Philippines) New
Colima Mexico New
Karymsky Eastern Kamchatka (Russia) New
Ulawun New Britain (Papua New Guinea) New
Yasur Vanuatu New

Earth saw six new volcanic eruption events this week with focus on northern magma plume wave activity pushing through the Philippines and Japan up into Kamchatka. The singular new volcanic event suggesting southern rising magma plume/wave activity struck in Colima, Mexico with those pressures expected to move North; until about the end of November 2016; when volcanic pressures from both waves (northern and southern) should subside and retreat back to the Indonesian Origination Zone.

The migrating magnetic North Pole is making smaller weekly moves through the Fall than what we see at the bottom of the chart for July and August 2016. The green migration line (2016) will likely cross the blue line (2015) and red line (2014) paths around the end of October 2016 as predicted. The magnetic North Pole position appears to be trailing last year’s position by about 8 or 9 days moving closer to the 12-day differential value we see in the Seismic Chart from 2010 through 2015 from our Sun/Earth/Black Star nearside-alignment quake events that include the 8.8 Chile Quake (2.27.2010), Fukushima (3.11.2011), Guerrero (3.20.2012) and the recent 7.8 Nepal Quake (4.25.2015) and 7.0 Vanuatu Quake from April 28, 2016 earlier on this orbit cycle. The updated Black Star Event Timeline has been sent to Bill the owner/operator/webmaster at, but Bill has yet to make the change that should show up soon.

This has been a busy week regarding the Magnetopause Collapse Event from October 13, 2016 with both Black Star News Report links shared as the top story in the Featured Section below this Black Star Update Report. This phenomenon was not caused by direct influence of the inbound Black Star, but was caused by a ‘perfect storm’ scenario including the Level 2 Geomagnetic Storm that peaked in the early hours of October 14, 2016 in combination with the Moon entering Earth magnetosphere creating eddy-type formations in the magnetotail. Many are mischaracterizing this event as a magnetopause reversal, which is not supported by the evidence like we saw on March 12-13, 2012 (ISWA GIF) and again on April 23, 2016 (BP’s Video) predicted far in advance by the research. Be sure to read the second Featured Article where historical precedents prove that this phenomenon has happened before and will likely happen again under the same or similar circumstances. The claims that the magnetopause collapse was caused by CERN, or a brown dwarf star being behind the Earth relative to the Sun, are completely unfounded and not supported by the evidence. Now we have sufficient baseline data about this phenomenon for making predictions for future events with thirteen opportunities coming each year.

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