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Increase in natural disasters signals arrival of Planet X / Nibiru

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
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Tornado hits highway. Check this out.

If you doubt the existence of Planet X / Nibiru, then why are the very wealthy disposing of their assets and investments? This article (thank you, Omar) is very eye-opening.

When is Nibiru coming and why have we not gotten a firm date? Many people write to me asking if I know, so here is my reply to all:

There are several reasons why we ordinary folks don’t know when to expect Planet X. The first reason is the government does not want you to know so they don’t have to deal with massive looting and criminal acts by millions or even billions of people all at the one time, as they could not control this.

Some of the so-called experts on the Web also don’t want to reveal a date because if you knew this you would not visit their sites anymore because you would have no reason once you knew this apocalyptic date, and they would lose revenue from a lack of readers, so they dangle this carrot to keep you going back for an update. I am not saying that everyone does this but I am sure there are some who do.

I know I am going to get flack for this statement but I am like every ordinary person looking for the truth and never finding it. I am certain that there has to have been a whistleblower out there who has given the arrival date to one or more of these experts but, alas, we will likely never know until Nibiru is right on top of us.

The only way we can get some sort of warning is to watch the changes on Earth and keeping a sharp eye on the increase in earthquakes and volcanoes: the worse it gets the closer Nibiru will be. I make no money at all writing to you all and if I have a confirmed date you can be sure I will publish it.

If I am correct with what I think, then some of those experts are no better than the governments of the world, holding back info on Planet X so they can line their own pockets to prepare. Shame on them.

Keep an eye on the comment section to see the reactions as time goes on.

I personally believe that next year we will see a big increase in natural disasters, as they call them, and there is nothing wrong in getting ready early just in case next year brings what I have suggested. I myself have put my house up for sale and am moving out of my city to a small community in the country with only 4,000 people, as I believe I will have a better chance of survival. I recently traded my car for a truck, just in case I have to bug out.

Is Obama hiding the truth? Is he being pressured to keep quiet about Nibiru? This article (thanks again, Omar) makes for interesting reading.

It seems that scientists and astronomers are making new discoveries almost daily. Omar also passed this article on to me and it is interesting to read about a possible newly-discovered planet. We will have to keep an eye on this one.

Once again, Omar comes through with an interesting video narrated by Marshall Masters. There is some good info on this video and it is worth listening to.

DDD signing off. Keep your eyes in the skies and search for the truth.

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