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Ocean tides point to the existence of Planet X / Nibiru

By Anthony Cummins

My name is Anthony Cummins, retired marine captain and Master Peiran.

Because of the nature of my privateer work and my own particular specialty — that of tides and currents — I have many years experience of the movements of the seas.

After retiring, I decided to slowly release Peiran information gathered not only by me but over hundreds of years. I did this because I saw a great deal of ignorance about the seas/oceans/ice caps and how organizations like NASA are getting things completely wrong.

I got in contact with Professor Stephen Edberg who is the top man at the NASA sea level operation and after crashing his own numbers it showed that even if all the ice caps completely melted it would cause an increase in sea levels of less than 14 inches (32 cm). I relayed to him my agreement on these figures and presented to him an explanation as to why it ‘would seem’ that sea levels are rising. At that point I was spammed. End of conversation.

After attempting to contact other climate change orgs and even HRH Prince or Wales. I was met with the usual ‘don’t call us’ thank you letter. That was when I became more than a little suspicious, knowing I held unique info that was helpful to all.

Now the seas and oceans to most people are ignored as a main part of the planet itself; this is due to not understanding the mechanics of the sea. The seas and oceans are seen by most as big lumps of water that set there doing nothing. This is most unfortunate, as the seas do almost everything in the creation of life and without them we would not be here. 60% of the oxygen we breathe comes from the seas; that’s four times as much as the Amazon rain forests.

So let me start in the simplest of ways by explaining the importance of the tides and currents, without which everything would stagnate and life as we know it would not be possible.

Watching the tide as it comes in and goes out, most of you have seen and experienced this and many of you will know that the tides are influenced by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon and that is why when the sun and the moon are in the same part of the sky, we have higher tides than usual. The part of this scenario that is completely ignored but so important to understand is the fact that when you see the tide coming in, it is not what it seems; in fact, it is the beach that is entering into the sea. In fact all the waters, seas and oceans are static; they remain pulled as they are by the sun/moon effect, then as the planet turns the waters that appear to move are in fact staying exactly where they are, pointing to the source of the gravitation pull. Of course, as the moon moves it exacts a differing effect to about 50% of water ‘movement’ whilst the sun is always static, applying the other 50%. Of course, I can understand the difficulty in getting ones head around the fact that when you see the tide coming in, the water in fact is not moving and it is in fact we who are moving toward the water, but once you understand this everything becomes that much clearer and easier to understand.

So I put it to NASA by asking, at which point do you measure the height of the sea: high tide, low tide, in the middle of the ocean, etc.? I asked because it would have to be measured everywhere at the same time over period of at least 18 months but, as I say, I was marginalized.

Taking several world stations of a particular high tide, starting with Dover and California I found that in all instances the actual high tide was higher than the predicted high tide by a notable amount. In the case of Dover, nine inches and California eight inches with no adverse weather conditions. I was a guest on a radio show for Stanford University where I mentioned this ongoing tidal occurrence and explained that beneath our feet there is a great ocean of magma which, like the sea, is experiencing high and low tides and this higher than normal tide which puts a greater pressure on the undermantle could create earthquake activity and advised them to do a study and correlate high tide times with earthquake activity.

So I contend that we do not have a problem with rising sea levels at all. What we have is an additional quantity of high tide of around 3%. What then is creating a 3% rise in the tides? It can only be an off-Earth object within our solar system with a gravitation force of considerable size. At this moment in time, it would be useless to hazard a guess as to actual size but the limitations of such a guess would make it bigger than the moon and smaller than the sun. This is the simple info the sea is telling us right now.

My work in the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea allowed me to become a world expert on the San Bernardino Strait. This strait is unique and not an original or natural strait. The full force of the Pacific flows through that strait to a maximum of 11 knots but with a 3% increase in tide heights it now flows up to 14 knots and makes it impossible during those times to work it. I tell you this to explain how finely-balanced the situation of the seas and oceans are. Measuring them with satellites, as NASA does, will not give you the info that can be obtained on the sea.

If an ‘object’ of significant size were to place itself near to Earth, the gravitational pull would cause the seas to rise up in a single world tidal tsunami that would wash over the entire planet.

What is a world tsunami?

Imagine you are at the beach. The tide comes in and in and in. In fact, it doesn’t stop coming. It keeps coming for hours and when everything is flooded it ebbs. The ebb is the bad part. It ebbs so quickly it takes with it everything in its path, carving new canyons and ebb ways with billions of tons of life. A few hours later, back it comes; only this time it is more flotsam than water and billions of tons of everything crashes down on anything that by a miracle is left. All this chaos caused simply by placing an ‘object’ in a certain solar position.

Apart from the worldwide stories of various Noah’s in my book, The 13th Day, I explain in a fairy story that this has happened several times already in our past. The magma, liquid like the seas, has put changed pressures on the inner mantle. Earthquake and volcanic activity had increased violently at first but seem to have settled. This points toward an additional gravitational force that is in a stabled position in order to cause minimal gravitation effect or damage to us or other planets in our solar system.

For an ‘object’ to change course or speed, to position itself or simply to stop, requires the ability of control and is therefore not your everyday planet or asteroid but a ship. Although it may look rather like a planet, it is in fact a ship with the capacity of voyage. Ah, there will also be a captain and crew; how nice a thought for one like myself.

At this point, may I point you to a page on my site which translates an extremely old prophecy.

The sea is alive; it is a living thing. It has no eyes but can see. It has no hands but it can feel. For the lucky few to be able to understand and converse with the sea, we find it difficult to relate what cannot be described. What the sea is experiencing right now is a new kind of stability caused by the sun or the direction of the sun, rather than lunar effects.

Therefore, the control of Earth’s stability is being affected from the center of the solar system, rather than the outer, perhaps an area behind the sun. The fact of the matter is, to position one’s ‘ship’ in a way as to do minimal damage shows a plan of protection already in act.

So if a few pirates know what the sea knows, who got it from the magma, then I find it strange that people like NASA don’t know. But, of course, they know and are part of the program.

Knowing the aim of the program and inevitable outcome is another matter and places those such as me in an advantage, even if a very small one.

Forget the distractions of climate change and melting ice caps. Turn to the sea, the mother of everything and connect to her. Understand what and who she is then measure her. Measure her here and there and everywhere and she will point to your Planet X / Nibiru.

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