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David Meade discussing Planet X / Nibiru on TradCatKnight Radio

From video description:

David Meade studied astronomy, among other subjects, at the University of Louisville. After graduation, he worked in forensic investigations for a number of years. The last 10 years he has spent with Fortune 1000 Companies, writing special reports for management. He is a specialist in research and investigations. He has 10 books to his credit. He enjoys relating science and the Bible. He believes Planet X is a perfect marriage of the two.

TOPICS INCLUDED IN THIS TALK: his background and interest in Planet X, Scripture and Prophecy confirm Planet X, Marie Julie Jahenny and the “Radiant Planet,” why is government hiding this knowledge?, increased signs in sky/sun and birth pang events, CME, Solar Kill shot (Rev 8:7), doomsday seed vault, underground bunkers, Astrological sign Rev 12 and Triumph of Immaculate Heart, new age awaiting a star sign in counterfeit of Our Lord, martial law, economic collapse, other early civilizations record the sky disk, Geoengineering, CERN, 3 days of darkness, climate change, practical advice for prepping, new madrid area, yellowstone, nuclear reactor situation, why can’t we see it?, Fr. Malachi Martin & 3rd Secret of Fatima, elite prepared to flee underground, military/government officials saying yes this exists and MUCH more.

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