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Geodesic dome homes for survival

By Guest Writer David Meade
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A man named Buckminster Fuller saw the creative power of the geodesic home in 1951. That was the year he patented the geodesic dome, the most energy-efficient and structurally-safe building system in the world.

Fuller was an engineer, historian and philosopher. He was aware of the danger of conventional construction techniques against Mother Nature’s issues. He discovered that the sphere is actually the most efficient shape. It covers the highest square feet of living area with the most minimal amount of surface area. A dome home has 30% less surface area, resulting in 30% less spending on the average cooling and heating bill.

A dome house also uses 1/3 less lumber to build than a box house. Despite the use of less material, the dome house is five times stronger than a rectangular house.

These homes are also virtually disaster-proof. During an earthquake in the Santa Cruz mountains back in 1989 (7.1 on the Richter scale), 500 conventional homes were damaged with the need of extensive repair or they were totally destroyed. The only home to survive that earthquake was an Oregon dome geodesic dome home.

Why do these homes survive tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes when average homes are destroyed? It’s the intrinsic strength of the design – the triangle is the strongest shape in building on the planet.

The design possibilities provide for an open floor plan – you can have walls anywhere. Since a dome house is independent of the interior framing, you don’t have to be concerned about “load-bearing” variables. Dome homes provide natural openings for large views and windows, letting in the highest level of light possible.

Dome homes look amazing. You will be surprised by the possibilities, once you investigate this spectacular building option. To sum up, here are the advantages:

  • No load-bearing interior walls – it stands up to earthquakes and hurricanes
  • Immense strength
  • Great for the circulation of air and heat
  • Many dome homes are prefabricated, resulting in low construction costs
  • The prefab elements are small and lightweight, making them easily transportable
  • Heat-pressed softwoods and other materials used are cheaper than regular construction
  • Because the dome is built of multiple layers – the frame, an interior panel, insulation, the outer shell and skin and so forth – you can employ inexpensive materials for your environment
  • Aesthetic appeal – a highly-restful and airy environment with amazing acoustics

I receive many letters on a continuing basis from readers of my book Planet X – The 2017 Arrival and the most common question they have is, how can I live safely through all of this? The answer is a geodesic dome home.

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