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New eBook by David Meade: ‘The Coming Clinton Economic Collapse’

By Guest Writer David Meade
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This coming election is about critical issues – Liberty versus the New World Order agenda. It’s about honesty and integrity versus old school shadow politics. My name is David Meade and I wrote the book The Coming Clinton Economic Collapse to provide a way out. No matter who is elected we are facing a global economic reset. This set of circumstances provides a never-before-imagined buying opportunity.

But if and when Hillary Clinton is elected, this global economic reset will be accompanied by draconian measures – martial law or worse. If and when Donald Trump is elected, it will be survivable. But regardless of who is elected, the book – which is available on and other platforms – is actionable intelligence that must be availed upon immediately.

The book describes avenues of alternative investments which will be impervious to the financial collapse we are shortly facing. These investments and the economic truth behind them are detailed in this one-of-a-kind briefing manual. I also review the missing gold in Fort Knox and what that means for each and every one of us.


Above and beyond the economy, what happens in November will trigger world events that will uniquely affect this generation with an impact never before seen. Vladimir Putin of Russia understands this. He calls Donald Trump “a bright person” and says he will invigorate US-Russian relationships. He says no such thing about Clinton.

Putin, like Trump, knows the hidden agenda. He knows the delusions of the globalists. He knows their desire for a one-world government, currency and religion. And he knows the fallacies of their beliefs. A one-world, new order was the dream of the ancient Greek philosophers, who were just as wrong as the ones who subscribe to the Illuminati philosophy of the New World Order today. A one-world government will have an all-powerful leader and by history we know those men have evil intent. The world is designed to have several hundred nations with independent and primarily democratic leaders. But absolute power always means absolute corruption.

Putin of Russia is a very cool customer and the former head of the KGB. He thinks like an Intelligence Analyst, which he is. The current administration policy, the failed Obama directives which Clinton would enact, would continue, for example, to not only initialize but expand the dreaded anti-missile system in Romania. Putin calls this a tragic error. He realizes it is not only defensive but can be converted on a moment’s notice to an offensive threat right at Russia’s borders and destabilize the delicate balance of geopolitical security. The missiles can be switched from non-nuclear to nuclear without the government of Romania evening knowing about it, since it’s a US-NATO operation. If this policy is enacted to its fullest, then we are at a DEFCON ONE Threat Level for nuclear war with Russia. Putin has as much said this. Those missiles, right at his border, can fire inland right now up to 500 kilometers. This is another critical difference between the candidate of Liberty, Donald Trump, and the delusional New World Order adherents. Russia is our primary political-military concern – and we must have someone in office who can deal with them.


Bill Clinton was a student of Carroll Quigley, a New World Order proponent under the guise of intellectualism. Hillary Clinton has publicly stated that it’s wonderful that the Council on Foreign Relations is just down the street from the State Department because she doesn’t have that far to go for advice. This is a tacit admission of complicity. The doomed mission at Benghazi is but a pale forewarning of what we can expect.

My book focuses on economics and investing. It’s not sensational and doesn’t cover what’s already been covered by WikiLeaks and like channels. It covers what isn’t covered but needs to be uncovered. It contains the secret End Game of the New World Order agenda. Here is a link to the most important survival guide of the century!

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