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ISIS is just a smokescreen for Planet X / Nibiru

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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If I were to go all-in and shoot from the hip on what is the driving force behind ISIS, I would have to say that ISIS shares a desire to perform ritualized, blood-letting sacrifices to the false gods of Babylon. I will summon my memory of the testimony of Arizona Wilder and say it directly:  Blood sacrifice to interdimensional reptilians is the real reason for ISIS eye-gouging, beheading, chopping off testicles and cutting out the intestines of innocent victims.

To be certain, blood sacrifice has been practiced in the fields outside of Jerusalem to Moloch, as well as atop the ziggurats of Aztec architecture.

In addition, Arizona Wilder makes it clear that the 13 Illuminati families are related to interdimensional reptilian demons, who periodically need the blood of terrified children because children’s blood is both pure and full of adrenaline.

In some capacities, reptilians can leach off of the lower chakras of people who abuse children while, in other cases, according to Arizona Wilder, some Illuminati individuals actually shapeshift into reptilians and consume the blood. There are legends that the royal family of Great Britain drank the blood of Princess Diana and that she knew that they were lizards, and were likely to both kill and sacrifice her once she had produced an heir and a spare for them.

To be clear, ISIS is not Muslim. They just got through attacking Shi’ite Muslims on the last day of Ramadan and now they have attacked Nice on Bastille Day right at the height of their ceremonies, just as they did on Friday the 13th and on September 11th.  You cannot deny that the reptilian Illuminati elite feed off our fear — and I mean that quite literally.

Planetary magnetics are weakening and the poles are in shift with the North Pole performing a more extensive migration while the South Pole gains ice, which makes it quite confusing for global warming activists who are seeing increasing ice in Antarctica and much less ice in Greenland.

Planet X is exacerbating the change in planetary magnetics and contributing to the weakening in the sun’s fusion power. The weakening of Earth’s electromagnetic field is opening the door for our chakras to be energized through the magnetized particles in our brains.

However, fear blocks the limbic system in a fight or flight mode. Then, shame over not acting on the fight or flight begins to create a psychic blockage as well as a physical blockage of energy, which is then catalyzed into anger or into sexual behavior. The goal of ISIS is to direct the anger at innocents, children and true believers in merciful God. The goal of ISIS is to direct the sexual behavior likewise at innocents, children and true believers in a merciful God. The truth is that ISIS is a smokescreen for the reptilian masters of the 13 Illuminati families and the royal families of Europe who are behind the United Nations, the Rothschild-founded banks and NATO. On the other hand, the communist Chinese and the Russians are trying to internally root out reptilian Rothschild agents without making a big fuss about it in public.

ISIS is being used to necessitate further intervention of Western powers either under a NATO flag or a UN flag in the Middle East, as well as in Africa, Asia and the Americas. The New World Order will accept nothing short of global domination and a microchipped population that can be tracked, traced and turned off by the Illuminati elite.

Again, this is the context that makes Planet X’s passing and the pole shift much more pleasing because it is a catalyst to the action of blessedly destroying the elite’s plans for the New World Order while simultaneously passing judgment on the Lucifer Rebellion’s adherents.

In the end, chemtrails cannot cover Planet X forever, just as the elite cannot cover up the shapeshifting reptilians and their blood sacrifice rituals. According to Arizona Wilder, the reptilians have been here for 4,000 years, which is the exact beginning of the three Abrahamic religions. Machiventa Melchizedek arrived 4,000 years ago as well and he became the king of Salem who blessed Abraham and his children — Isaac and Ishmael — with bread and wine.

This is why the Bible says that Jesus Christ is a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.

Of course, John the Baptist and Jesus used the term “a brood of vipers” to refer to the Babylonian elite who had taken over the Jews and the “whore of Babylon” is mentioned in the New Testament’s Book of Revelation as the entity that has become “drunk with the blood of saints.” Christians are being slain daily in areas that they once thrived in, such as Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq and areas around Russia like Ukraine. Then, the media blackout makes Christians feel isolated and afraid and this where we can be easily programmed into accepting false security in the place of true liberty. The reptilians only can conquer our reptilian brains. Humanity must embrace the risk and nourish the tree of liberty with blood on fire with energy to help others and to conquer all evil.

Fear is the weapon of ISIS, while Jesus always used love and the stern truth to shake the human brain free of reptilian conditioning into worshiping a false pantheon of gods, or the State, or science. Rather, the individual must connect to the Divine Source as Spirit-Mind-Energy and as Father-Mother-God so that they can be firmly rooted in Truth. This will be truly imperative when the poles shift.

Planet X is approaching from the south and only is visible from the Northern hemisphere during sunrise and sunset. To those in the Southern hemisphere, there are multiple celestial objects appearing either alongside, or behind the sun, or perhaps appearing concurrently with the sun.

I assure you that being in a meditative state of mind as you look at Planet X or its system is exactly what the Satanic Reptilian Illuminati elite do not want you to do. They do not want you to go sit in nature or connect with love to nature by planting a garden or breaking bread and making bonds of love with your family members and your spouse. Especially, they do not want you in gratitude because that can break through walls of their conditioning that you are an abandoned and victimized orphan of the State. We are children of the one, Father and Mother God and his servant, Jesus.

Pray to the one, universal, Father-Mother-God and seek the eternal Spirit-Mind-Energy. This will give you strength to speak the truth to everyone.

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