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The Violet Race, Planet X and breaking the ‘Matrix’

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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Let’s begin at the beginning. The planet we know as Earth is referred throughout the universe as Urantia. Thanks to The Urantia Book, we understand,

“The human race is almost one million years old, and the first half of its story roughly corresponds to the pre-Planetary Prince days of Urantia. The latter half of the history of mankind begins at the time of the arrival of the Planetary Prince and the appearance of the six colored races and roughly corresponds to the period commonly regarded as the Old Stone Age.” 64:0.2 (718.2)

As mankind progresses, six root races reflecting the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo manifest.

“On an average evolutionary planet the six evolutionary races of color appear one by one; the red man is the first to evolve, and for ages he roams the world before the succeeding colored races make their appearance. The simultaneous emergence of all six races on Urantia, and in one family, was most unusual.”

So, basically, approximately 500,000 years ago, the spontaneous appearance of the six colored races demonstrated to the over-controllers of planetary evolution that the time was ripe for a planetary prince to be commissioned to the planet for the purpose of overseeing a blending of the races through the adoption of health, science, religion and universal culture.


“About five hundred thousand years ago and concurrent with the appearance of the six colored or Sangik races, Caligastia, the Planetary Prince, arrived on Urantia. There were almost one-half billion primitive human beings on earth at the time of the Prince’s arrival, and they were well scattered over Europe, Asia, and Africa. The Prince’s headquarters, established in Mesopotamia, was at about the center of world population.” (source)

Curiously, when we postulate this line of reasoning, we come into resonance with both Erich Von Daniken and Zechariah Sitchin’s argumentative thesis: Anunnaki came here and created the homo sapiens. Of course, there is a slight distinction, that being the fact that Earth / Urantia is a “life-modification world,” which means primarily that life is modified here for its benefit and in a motion towards the highest form of life that can be sustained in a harmonious fashion according to universal laws. Indeed, the Planetary Prince, Caligastia, failed his mission. According to The Urantia Book, Caligastia was persuaded by Lucifer to join the rebellion against Christ Michael or Archangel Michael.

This happened about 200,000 years ago, when Satan, Lucifer’s assistant, came by to make an inspection of Earth / Urantia.

“For three hundred thousand years Caligastia had been in charge of Urantia when Satan, Lucifer’s assistant, made one of his periodic inspection calls. And when Satan arrived on the planet, his appearance in no way resembled your caricatures of his nefarious majesty. He was, and still is, a Lanonandek Son of great brilliance. “And no marvel, for Satan himself is a brilliant creature of light.”

“In the course of this inspection Satan informed Caligastia of Lucifer’s then proposed “Declaration of Liberty,” and as we now know, the Prince agreed to betray the planet upon the announcement of the rebellion. The loyal universe personalities look with peculiar disdain upon Prince Caligastia because of this premeditated betrayal of trust. The Creator Son voiced this contempt when he said: “You are like your leader, Lucifer, and you have sinfully perpetuated his iniquity. He was a falsifier from the beginning of his self-exaltation because he abode not in the truth.” (source)

“The outbreak of rebellion on Jerusem, the capital of Satania, was broadcast by the Melchizedek council. The emergency Melchizedeks were immediately dispatched to Jerusem, and Gabriel volunteered to act as the representative of the Creator Son, whose authority had been challenged. With this broadcast of the fact of rebellion in Satania the system was isolated, quarantined, from her sister systems. There was “war in heaven,” the headquarters of Satania, and it spread to every planet in the local system.” (source)

Now, the quote from the second chapter of the Qu’ran comes into greater clarity:

“Whosoever is an enemy to God and His angels and His Messengers, and Gabriel, and Michael – surely God is an enemy to the unbelievers.” (source)

So, approximately 200,000 years ago, the six root races were thrown into chaos by the outbreak of a planetary and system-wide rebellion that has yet to be fully adjudicated. According to The Urantia Book, the typical progression is to go from having a planetary prince and a council of 100, to an Adamic upgrade (i.e. a couple carrying the violet ray activation) to then having a Creator Son (i.e., Jesus) appear on Earth. Well, on Earth, things haven’t gone exactly according to plan. The Lucifer Rebellion corrupted 60 members of the Caligastia 100, and a number of seraphim and cherubim joined with Lucifer’s rebellion. Later, as the Bible tells us, Adam and Eve failed similarly in their mission by breeding with outside bloodlines, which was not in their mission mandate, but was to be carried out by their many offspring.

According to The Urantia Book, Adam and Eve were seeing little progress in their mission of purifying the genetics of Earth through gradual genetic uplifting, so they decided to try something to help speed the process along. Unfortunately, this led to their mission failure.

“Adam and Eve found themselves on a sphere wholly unprepared for the proclamation of the brotherhood of man, a world groping about in abject spiritual darkness and cursed with confusion worse confounded by the miscarriage of the mission of the preceding administration. Mind and morals were at a low level, and instead of beginning the task of effecting religious unity, they must begin all anew the work of converting the inhabitants to the most simple forms of religious belief. Instead of finding one language ready for adoption, they were confronted by the world-wide confusion of hundreds upon hundreds of local dialects. No Adam of the planetary service was ever set down on a more difficult world; the obstacles seemed insuperable and the problems beyond creature solution.” (source)

It was Caligastia, who was able to tempt Eve, according to The Urantia Book, to have relations with a man named Cano who was one of the best and brightest members of a tribe that had ties to the previous administration of the planetary prince. The plan was good in theory, as Eve thought that she could help bring the violet race DNA activation to the members of other tribes of Earth faster, but this was entirely against the divine mandate of the Melchizedek brotherhood.

“And as the Material Son and Daughter thus communed in the moonlit Garden, “the voice in the Garden” reproved them for disobedience. And that voice was none other than my own announcement to the Edenic pair that they had transgressed the Garden covenant; that they had disobeyed the instructions of the Melchizedeks; that they had defaulted in the execution of their oaths of trust to the sovereign of the universe.” (source)

“Adam and Eve did fall from their high estate of material sonship down to the lowly status of mortal man. But that was not the fall of man. The human race has been uplifted despite the immediate consequences of the Adamic default. Although the divine plan of giving the violet race to the Urantia peoples miscarried, the mortal races have profited enormously from the limited contribution which Adam and his descendants made to the Urantia races. There has been no “fall of man.” The history of the human race is one of progressive evolution, and the Adamic bestowal left the world peoples greatly improved over their previous biologic condition.” (source)

So, if I may summarize, what is happening currently on the Earth / Urantia is a rather complicated admixture of preparing to adjudicate the Lucifer Rebellion while simultaneously preparing the way for a new planetary prince to come to Earth. Additionally, the mission mandates of Urantia are in need of completion: A one-world religion is truly intended, just not the worship of the arch rebel, Lucifer. A one-world government and language would also be beneficial, just not one super-imposing carbon taxes and microchip implants for the purpose of tracking and controlling our behaviors. A violet race is integrating itself with the other six races (or what is now left of them, as orange and green have mostly been assimilated).

Nibiru is truly helping to heighten the violet ray’s potential to be activated, thanks to its effect on planetary magnetics. Keep in mind, this in Revelation is known as the opening of the seventh seal, which is the seventh chakra. Because the overall purpose of this event is to open the crown chakra or violet crown, once this occurs, peace can ensure, symbolized in the Book of Revelation as “silence.”

The Seventh Seal

1 When the Lamb opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. 2 And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and they were given seven trumpets. (source)

I argue that once the seven seals are open, the new 5D New Jerusalem quantum hologram can be super-imposed to reconnect us, permanently.

The effect of the left-brained (clueless, egocentric) thinking is to keep us in fear and isolation so that we repress Planet X and fall back into the Matrix by saying it’s “conspiracy theory.” We similarly are thrown into the Matrix if we either denounce all religions or adopt one too strongly so that we let go of their universal teachings. One such teaching is the Day of Judgment as well as the return of the Great Brothers. This is the Disclosure Event or the Apocalypse of Revelation, when our seven chakras will begin to accrue enough angular momentum to activate the violet ray, which will re-polarize the Earth so that the circuits of mental, spiritual and physical activation can be reconnected.

This is the real purpose of Planet X. It is here to break the Matrix that the rebellious Illuminati have created to take our energy and transform it into their treasure. It is the basis of the banking system called fractional reserve banking. Planet X is bringing the whole house of cards down, which is why it is so bright these days and so volatile with approximately 40 volcanoes erupting. 40 is also Donald Trump’s life-lesson number and the number of years the Israelites spent in the wilderness. 70 is the amount of years it will be next year from Roswell and Israel as well as the Antarctic disaster that revealed the terrible truth that the United States actually lost World War II. Admiral Byrd’s men were repelled and then in 1952, Eisenhower acquiesced to the aliens after they made several White House flybys.

The Rebellion of Lucifer is being adjudicated commiserate with the Great Harvest for the first time in universal history. This is why so few can see everything. Even so, as Isaiah has told us, “In that day the wolf and the lamb will live together; the leopard will lie down with the baby goat. The calf and the yearling will be safe with the lion, and a little child will lead them all.” This will happen only after a Day of Purification, according to Revelation, when “the kings hide in the mountains.”

The Sixth Seal: Terror

…14 The sky receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved from its place. 15 Then the kings of the earth, the nobles, the commanders, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and free man, hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains. 16And they said to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the One seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb.” (source)

Nibiru is part of the adjudication of the unrighteous, make no bones about it. It is redemption from the abomination of desolation on the Earth.

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